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US Nuclear MOX Facility – A Radioactive Waste of Money

Mia Steinle, Guest Waking Times The federal government should stop building a pointless $7.7 billion facility to convert plutonium into fuel for nuclear reactors. Can a single example illustrate why the federal budget is so hard to get under control? A somewhat obscure nuclear processing plant on the Savannah River in South Carolina might do

Radioactive Waste From the Marcellus Shale Continues to Draw Concern

Sharon Kelly, Desmog Blog Waking Times Amid all the pushback to fracking, most of the attention has focused on what drillers put into the ground. The amount of water used. The chemicals that make up energy companies’ secret mix. Whether these dangerous chemicals will contaminate our drinking water. But one of the biggest problems of

9 Concepts Kids Should Learn About Health That They’ll Never Learn In School

Marco Torres, Prevent Disease Waking Times When it comes to health, children today are guided by an illusion of reality. Teachers in the educational system have only the best of intentions, but unfortunately even they are led by a curriculum so distorted from our natural world, that it is nearly impossible for children to learn

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