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Psychoactive Mushrooms – Mycologist Paul Stamets on Nature’s Little Teachers

Waking Times Will mushrooms have a pivotal impact on whether or not we survive into the next millennium? Is it possible that those of us who have been exposed to the cosmic properties of psychoactive mushrooms were chosen by nature to be vehicles for receiving communications between plants and humans? Mycologist and author Paul Stamets

Scientists Discover That Plants Communicate via Symbiotic Root Fungi

Dr. Mercola Waking Times Human arrogance has always assumed we are evolutionarily superior to plants, but it appears that modern science may be the antidote to this egocentric view. Researchers in the UK have discovered an extensive underground network connecting plants by their roots, serving as a complex interplant communication system… a “plant Internet,” if

Learn About the Healing Power of Mushrooms – Tune In Tonight for a Live Interview with Mycologist Paul Stamets

Waking Times Waking Times and GaiamTV are excited to announce a Live online interview and talk with entrepreneurial mycologist Paul Stamets, free, tonight, Wednesday, June 13th at 7 pm ET.  This interview can be seen here. “Spend five minutes with Paul Stamets and you’ll never look at mushrooms—or the world’s problems—the same way again. That’s because Paul

Paul Stamets – Remediating Radiation Contamination Around Fukushima with Funghi

Paul Stamets Waking Times Many people have written me and asked more or less the same question:  “What would you do to help heal the Japanese landscape around the failing nuclear reactors?” The enormity and unprecedented nature of this combined natural and human-made disaster will require a massive and completely novel approach to management and

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