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The Science That Validates Astrology

Alec Cope – Astrology claims that stars and movements of the planets have a supposed influence on events and on the lives and behavior of people…

The Cosmic Consequences of Space Weapons: Why They Must be Banned To Preserve Our Future

Dara Percival, Guest Waking Times China and Russia have proposed an updated UN treaty to ban space-based weapons amidst fears the weaponisation of outer-space could prove disastrous. But why does the US government, which has the world’s largest military, continue to block it? If the weaponisation of space is not stopped, the dangers to humanity will

NASA Announces Incoming CME Likely to Cause a Geomagnetic Storm

Chris Carrington, Guest Waking Times NOAA is predicting a geomagnetic storm later today as the CME from the X1 flare hits the Earth’s magnetosphere. The speed of the solar wind will spike at around 1.6 million miles per hour. (700km/s) The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) has the following information for the 9th, 10th

Increasing Numbers of Meteorites Bringing Life Forms To Earth

Liz Bentley, Prevent Disease Waking Times If it were not scientifically verified, it would be a great storyline for a sci-fi flick, but NASA says alien microbes are hitching rides on meteorites. Some experts are stating that debris from outer space will only be increasing in frequency as they impact Earth in the coming year.

2013: The Year of the Comets

Nicholas West, Guest Writer Waking Times Some ancient cultures referred to them as “the Menace of the Universe” and “the Harbinger of Doom.” Comets have almost universally been viewed by the ancients as messengers or omens carrying bad news from the gods. In the midst of our busy lives it’s difficult to keep in mind

Want Cleaner and Purer Air? Try Air-Cleaning Plants, NASA Says

Elizabeth Renter Waking Times NASA knows a thing or two about keeping air clean,  sending astronauts into space with a limited amont of breathable air for months  on end. Afterall, they can’t simply open a window when things get stuffy in  space. What NASA researchers have learned about air quality in the home  concerning air-cleaning

My Big TOE (Theory of Everything)

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer Waking Times  When NASA scientist Tom Campbell talks about his big TOE, he is really describing his fascinating theories that unify modern science and human consciousness.  In this must see talk, his effort to create a unified theory of Quantum Physics and the nature of reality is an inspiring and refreshing

NASA Mystified By Enormous Energy Field

All of humanity is being presented with this energetic shift to either embrace willingly or vainly try to resist. The more discoveries like these, and the growing revelations in other areas regarding our true origins, the manipulation of humanity, the shift from ideology and heiearchy, the inter-connectivity of consciousness etc., the better.

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