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Surprising “Veggie Hacks” That Boost Nutrition and Save You Money

Deane Alban, Contributor Waking Times Since man first figured out how to domesticate plants, we’ve been trying to make them more palatable. Most edible wild plants are too bitter, sour, astringent, tough, full of seeds, or dry to be enjoyable. Over the past 12,000 years, we’ve bred plants to taste better, be more productive, and

Kale: A Green Nutritional Powerhouse Everyone Should Eat

Elizabeth Renter, Natural Society Waking Times A delectable green nutritional powerhouse, kale is one of many superfoods that is a must-have in any kitchen. Like other superfoods like blueberries and green tea, kale provides a wealth of nutritional benefits from cancer prevention to anti-inflammation. But what else can kale do for you? Some of Kale’s

How Leafy Greens Boost Activity of Vital Immune Cells To Prevent Disease

Karen Foster, Prevent Disease Waking Times Leafy greens are likely the number one food you can eat to regularly help improve your health. They’re filled with fiber along with crucial vitamins, minerals, and plant-based phytochemicals that may help protect you from almost every disease known. Immune cells play an essential role in protecting intestinal health and