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Geoengineered Climate Disasters in Latin America

Zen Gardner – There’s nothing natural about the recent climate disasters in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Seven years’ worth of rain just fell in Chile in 12 hours…

Chemtrail Source Material Finally Unveiled

Catherine J. Frompovich – Finally, the base material of chemtrails sprayed from airplanes—both government and commercial—in the atmosphere, has been identified…

An Indisputable Database for Chemtrail Deniers

Catherine J. Frompovich – With all the documentation, which represents not even one-tenth of what’s probably out there, who do you think are the conspiracy theorists?

Who Stole the Weather? Chemtrails and Geoengineering

Zen Gardner, Guest Waking Times The increasing existence of these persistent contrails we see in the sky regularly behind high flying jets has rapidly become commonplace knowledge. Ironically these were first called “chemtrails” in military program literature, but this term was soon demonized as “conspiratorial” by these very same powers and their cohorts in order

5 Reasons Allergies Are Mysteriously Increasing

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times Are you seeing more people sneezing and tearing up every allergy season? Studies show that allergies are on the rise in developed countries, including the United States — not just seasonal allergies, but allergies of all kinds. Officials say they can’t quite pinpoint the mysterious cause behind such a

Is Your Body Infested with Self-Replicating Nano-Fibers?

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer Waking Times Many of us already know that public health is under attack on almost every front. We’re talking genetic manipulation by GMO foods, a massive global program of geo-engineering, radiation poisoning from many sources, the bastardization of nutrition, an ongoing media propaganda and fear campaign, the chemical poisoning of water

Chemtrails Cause Harm, Even If You Don’t Believe they Exist

Paul Fassa, Natural Society Waking Times Are you aware of chemtrails? A controversial ‘conspiracy’ topic, chemtrails are chemical sprayings in the air that ultimately expose the population to toxic chemicals and heavy metals. And they are causing harm, even if you don’t think they exist. A common phrase used for chemtrailing is aerosol spraying. Some claim

The Ancient Disc of Life

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor Waking Times In my view, 6000 years ago the peoples of India either were far more advanced than NASA and then somehow mysteriously forgot — or the Mahabharata is the history of and evidence for an off-world civilization that did colonize this planet. In 1988, Lana Corrine Cantrell, a brilliant mysterious,

Morsels of Knowledge Banquets of Ignorance: Scientific Fallacies Exposed

Richard Heinberg, New Dawn Waking Times [Humankind] approaches the unattainable truth through a succession of errors. – Aldous Huxley, “Wordsworth in the Tropics” A state of thoroughly conscious ignorance is the prelude to every real advance of knowledge. – James Clerk Maxwell Culture consists, in large measure, of commonly shared sets of assumptions and expectations about reality.

3 Reasons Why You Should March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering on 8/25/13

Elizabeth Cook, Guest Waking Times 1.  The March Against Monsanto was a huge success in bringing the public’s attention to the dangers of genetically modified foods. Nearly fifty percent of U.S. states introduced bills requiring labeling or prohibiting genetically engineered foods since the date of the protest on May 25, 2013. And all without the

Chemtrails: An Obvious Overhead Pollutant Ignored and Denied

Paul Fassa, Natural Society Waking Times Have you ever seen those long smoke-lines in the sky and wondered what they are? Some may be jet vapor contrails, but others are known as chemtrails. Most of the population doesn’t know, but these trails, loaded with heavy metals that have been measured in the water and air

The Crescendo of Chemtrail Awareness – A Breakthrough Issue

Zen Gardner Waking Times Some big strides have been made recently in chemtrail awareness. Thanks to the efforts of people like Dane Wigington at GeoengineeringWatch.org who has been appearing on dozens of radio shows each month, and approaching civic and environmental groups and regularly contributing eye opening articles to news sites. But there are many

Geo-Engineering: The Most Important Topic of 2013?

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor Waking Times This video is entitled “The Most Important Topic for 2013”, and next to the continued Ascension of Gaia, I have to agree. It’s one that everyone should definitely see and inwardly process. It’s about the devastating impact on our 3D planet by human intervention. It is vitally important ‘inside’ information

Unintended Hazards of Geoengineering

Prof. Peter Saunders, I-Sis Waking Times Reducing the solar radiation that reaches Earth will have potentially significant consequences beyond limiting the mean temperature of the planet; it may reduce annual rainfall, especially in the Americas and northern Eurasia. Harvard geoengineers are set to spray sun-reflecting chemical particles into the atmosphere to cool the planet from

Terraforming: Alien or Human, It’s Here

Zen Gardner This is about as creepy as it gets. But it’s right in front of our eyes. Our planet is clearly under attack. Anyone even half awake can see the world today is careening towards disaster when there is no reason for it. Our resources are plentiful, and the vast majority of people on

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