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The Corporate Takeover of All Natural Food

Clarissa A. León, AlterNet Waking Times Walk through your local grocery store these days and you’ll see the words “all natural” emblazoned on a variety of food packages.  The label is lucrative, for sure, but in discussing the natural label few have remarked on what’s really at stake — the natural ingredients and the companies

How to Bring Minerals Back Into the Soil and Food Supply

Dr. Mercola Waking Times There are now many studies clearly documenting that if you eat processed foods, you’re being exposed to toxic herbicides. These toxic chemicals have been found in everything from breast milk to umbilical cords and placentas. This of course means that children are now born with a chemical burden unknown to previous

More Communities Succeed in Eliminating Water Fluoridation, While Chemical Industry Raises the Stakes

Dr. Mercola Waking Times After generations of misleading propaganda about the benefits of water fluoridation, the truth is finally getting some traction. According to the former EPA risk assessment scientist, Dr. William Hirzy, water fluoridation still remains a government policy because of “institutional inertia [and] embarrassment among government agencies that have been promoting this stuff

Is Sustainable Agriculture an Oxymoron?

Toby Hemenway, Guest Waking Times Jared Diamond calls it “the worst mistake in the history of the human race.”(1) Bill Mollison says that it can “destroy whole landscapes.”(2) Are they describing nuclear energy? Suburbia? Coal mining? No. They are talking about agriculture. The problem is not simply that farming in its current industrial manifestation is destroying

Top Ways to Flip Monsanto the Bird

Eric Draven, Guest Waking Times Everyday, more and more people are waking up and discovering that Monsanto and their many products are being found to be a hazard to human health. It does not matter how much PR money Monsanto spends, people all over the world are realizing the truth. Last year’s first real independent GMO study conducted

The United States of Progesterone: What’s Really in Your Chicken Sandwich?

Richard Console Jr., Guest Waking Times The meat we eat is a mishmash of the political, practical, economic, and spiritual. Our taboos about protein vary by geography, even by household. Some eat pork, some don’t. Others serve camel as a delicacy – a tradition that would make many Americans faint from the cultural shock. We

The Final Stand: Grassroots Movement Against Monsanto Explodes

Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society Waking Times The international resistance against Monsanto and the genetic manipulation of the food supply has advanced to an all new level, with countless citizens around the world taking the fight online and partaking in the Monsanto Video Revolt grassroots movement. Though scheduled to officially take place on July 24th, we’ve seen thousands of citizens

Asserting the Power of Non Compliance

Julian Rose, Contributor Waking Times If we are strictly honest with ourselves we can see that, despite our rantings and ravings against the ever more stark injustices dished out by the status quo, it is we who provide it with the fuel that keeps us repressed and in servitude. It is we who are complicit in

The Russians Prove Small Scale Organic CAN Feed the World

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer Waking Times If you’ve already been through an economic collapse, you might know a thing or two about how to feed your family with little money. More importantly, you might know how to do it without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and GMO seed. On a total of about 20 million acres managed

What Everyone Needs to Know About Monsanto Before It’s Too Late

Christina Sarich, Staff Writer Waking Times Sometimes called Mon-satan, there is a reason that people are up in arms about Monsanto, more than any other Big Pharma company. Monsanto is to be dealt with swiftly – more than Dow Chemical, more than Syngenta, more than the hundreds of other companies that have been against GMO

How I Fell for Farmers’ Markets

Jill Richardson, Guest Writer Waking Times I’ll never forget the first time I went to a farmers’ market. I hated it. Like many who buy food only from the grocery store, I didn’t realize that local farmers can’t produce every food all year round. I didn’t expect pineapples or anything, but the extremely limited selection

The Convenience of Plastic Is Killing Our Oceans

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times About 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year. In the US alone, about 30+ million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the solid waste system, including various plastic containers, bags and other types of packaging, with only about 10% being recycled. Plastic, which was once regarded

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