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Are Mercury Fillings and Mercury Poisoning Causing an Epidemic of Hypothyroidism?

Rich Travis, Guest Waking Times This is a very controversial subject. Much has been written, and lines in the sand have clearly been drawn, regarding mercury fillings. The American Dental Association, FDA and the National Institutes of Health stand firm that mercury fillings are safe and well within the acceptable levels allowed by the US government. They have said that once mercury

Is Your Cosmetic White Dental Filling A Toxic Fluoride Bombshell?

Lester Sawicki, Guest Writer Waking Times Urgent News For Supporters Of Anti-Fluoridation: Your Dentist Could Be Hiding A Fluoride Releasing “Dirty Bomb” Under Your Filling! What Now? What you are about to read might be the most important article that could bust wide open hidden truths about fluoride under your tooth colored resin bonded composite

Mercury Poisoning and/or Toxicity: Do you have it?

The Health Coach, Contributing Writer Waking Times There is perhaps no other heavy metal that is as feared as mercury when it is found in the human body. Why?  And does it deserve its fearsome reputation? Factoid: “Mercury melts at -38.8º C and gallium melts at 29.8º C. Room temperature is considered to be 21º