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Unplug From the Lie – The Solution Starts WIth You

Catherine Lamb and Elaine McLellan, Guest Writers Waking Times Good ideas abound, presented by caring individuals with skills and knowledge to share; organic gardens, survival skills, the promise of new industry and medicine from hemp and cannabis, etc. It truly does offer hope. Solutions swirl around us like a storm yet we remain paralyzed and

The Wake-Up Call

Peter Russel, Spirit of Now Waking Times The ancient Chinese symbol for crisis, wei-chi, combines two elements: danger and opportunity. The danger is that if one continues to pursue approaches that are no longer working, then disaster is imminent. The opportunity is to let go of the old patterns and find new ways of being

Who We Are In Crisis

Laura Grace Weldon, Guest Writer Waking Times Versions of Survivor are watched all over the world. Forty-five countries have pitted contestants against the odds and shows are still filmed in Denmark, Croatia, Italy, Norway, Serbia, France, India, Israel, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the U.S. These series drop people in inhospitable places with minimal resources and ask them