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Are You Really Free?

Colin Bondi, Contributor Waking Times Freedom is a powerful word for most of us. Here in America people are always talking about freedom, living in a free country, defending freedom and maintaining our freedom. Some like to say – freedom isn’t free. In the course of daily life, most people like to think of themselves

The Renewal Is For Them

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times “Whenever I saw my grandmother, she would look me right in the eyes and say, ‘Are you home, Barbara?’ I would look right back into her eyes and we would smile… ‘Yes, I’m home Grandma.’ We’d give a big hug. Grandma could always bring me back to myself.” A friend

Releasing Inner Attachments

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor Waking Times Are you too attached to the outcome? I believe that most, if not all of our problems in life come from being too attached – too in need of a desired outcome. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we tend to be attached to people, places, material possessions, careers or

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