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Cinnamon’s Infection and Diabetes-Fighting Properties Revealed

Sayer Ji, Green Med Info Waking Times Cinnamon’s medicinal potential is as rich and complex as its flavor and aroma, with blood sugar balancing and infection fighting top on the list. Cinnamon is a familiar spice, but few are aware of just how diverse are its medicinal properties.  The US National Library of Medicine houses well over

Powerful Healing Properties of 5 Common Household Organic Spices

Lisa Garber Waking Times It’s a wonder people spend billions of dollars on  woefully ineffective and even harmful pharmaceuticals when our own spice racks  contain so much natural healing power. And now, many recent studies back the  millennia-old claims that spices have powerful healing properties. Here are 5  organic spices possessing amazing healing properties to

Why Cinnamon for Diabetes Treatment is Among Most Simple, Effective Solutions

Elizabeth Renter Waking Times Cinnamon is indeed a powerful, health-boosting food. It’s been used for centuries in holistic medicines—for everything from the common cold to stomach disturbances. But more recent research shows that cinnamon health benefits aren’t merely restricted to protecting against the cold – cinnamon for diabetes treatment may actually be one of the most

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