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There is no Anti-Vaccination Movement

Levi Quackenboss – There is no such thing as the anti-vaccination movement. People who exempt their children from vaccination don’t have a “common goal.” They only care about their own.

Attacks on Health Reporters and Their Readers Are Escalating

Dr. Mercola Waking Times Truth becomes treason in an empire of lies. Attacks against health web sites like yours truly and others, and our readers—yes, that would be you—are rapidly escalating. Thinly veiled threats are issued not just by industry spokespersons (many of whom hide their industry ties from their readers), but also international organizations like UNICEF.

Future Flu Shots Made From Dog and Insect Cells?

Anne Gordon, RN, Green Med Info Waking Times We are in desperate times and many people are completely oblivious to the fact.  Rats that eat GMO food have been shown to grow deadly tumors. Our water is often tainted with plastic leaching BPA, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other toxins – not to mention the intentional injection of mind-numbing fluoride into

Say No to Thimerosal, Say No to the Flu Vaccine

Dr. Mark Sircus, Green Med Info Waking Times Saying no to vaccines in the face of the gale wind of propaganda and governmentally supported vaccine campaigns is high treason punishable to the point of having your kids taken away if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. True medicine cries

Epidemiologist Confirms Serious Outbreak of Chicken Pox, 97 Percent Who Were Vaccinated

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease Waking Times A county in the western part of Indiana is the site of the nation’s largest current chickenpox outbreak, according to news reports. An epidemiologist has confirmed that out of the cases analyzed, 97 percent of the children were vaccinated. Vigo County has now seen over 84 cases of the varicella-zoster virus

Why NOT to Give Your Doctor an Anti-Vaccine Liability Form

Alan Phillips, J.D. Waking Times Every so often, information circulates around the alternative vaccine community recommending that parents take a form to their child’s pediatrician and ask the doctor to sign it, to prevent their children from being vaccinated and to educate the doctor about vaccines. Typically, these forms list vaccine ingredients and ask the doctor to

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