Student Sets Gauge for Effective Education

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Video – There is a continuing debate about the effectiveness of the US public school system. Mainstream issues include testing, teacher pay and job security in a difficult economy. Statistics support a very bleak picture of the US education system: 50% of new teachers to leave the profession in their first five years; 30% of high school students don’t graduate; and 5,000 schools serving about 3 million students are considered failing by federal standards.

These are some of the reason why people are starting to explore new approaches when it comes to schooling – be it homeschooling, unschooling or supporting alternative methods such as Waldorf.

A growing body of research and field practice also indicates that working on a more inward level — using secular, accessible techniques ranging from mindfulness to yoga to reflective writing — may hold the key to improving education outcomes. 

What do the students think? Here’s an opinion of a 13 year-old Logan LaPlante. He discusses what he and many other children approach their outlook about the future, and how this differs from most educators and teachers. He discusses how hacking his education is helping him achieve his goals of being happy and healthy.

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