Staying Power Will Get Us There

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Some people have that quality of Staying Power.

I consider it to be a warrior’s valor.

We need it more than ever, now that thunderous clouds are once again gathering in a 360-degree approach. Nearing in on the stargazers in search of a somehow brighter light.

When the glue vaporizes in ego – agendas of unsettledness, forsakenness, confusion or for whatever reasons that hold honest men and women together and dissolves in times where “brother shall be pitted against brother” and everyone goes for his own, the Matrix has its victory.

We need the glue of Staying Power. The trust and the honesty, the staying power and the heart’s wisdom… we’re heading for the same thing. It’s “biblical” critical mass we are approaching.

Whether it is: In the networks we all have, being viral or in the flesh. Whether we go to work in the morning and push the Matrix and promote the love: love being a very hollow word without the fabric of staying power to whatever battlefront we may perceive to be our calling.

I’m very lucky I know some good men.

  • Stuart Wilde had staying power in his quest for metaphysical truth and the price he paid was tremendous. Stuart had an eye for Staying Power and he embodied it in himself.

    He very much admired that power when he recognized it in others. Stuart had great admiration for Jeff Rense who is no stranger to visitors on this site. Jeff having Staying Power for the “truth” on a similar scale as Stuart. Peers in the search for that truth they both so strive for despite differences in approach.

    I have some pretty exhilarating mails from Stuart when Jeff posted his works. Stuart would go: “Please tell Mr. Rense that I am much honored” and Stuart would have a great day.

    Me, being the switchboard between these two great warriors was an utmost joy.

    Luckily Jeff still stands.

    I’m proud to have people I consider more than friends like that. Pushing the rocks uphill, and often being attacked for it.

    I understood that yesterday when I took a hit I didn’t see coming. I had to take the temperature between illusive and grandeur. I decided to go for the values my friends here taught and teach me every day: Staying Power, within myself.

    Both also having the value of no-crappers.

    No crap zone. Stuart was always honest, so is Jeff. They don’t pussyfoot. They serve it to you on a personal level and you have to embrace that fact if you are dealing with the quality of warriors with Staying Power. No-Crappers.

    A friend wrote today:

    “Onward we go…. getting darker ahead but we aren’t changing course”

    Indeed we won’t, come what may – as long it’s spiced with Staying Power.

    The truth warriors are siblings in the same family. Truth is unidirectional…

    And when my friend Steven who is in it for the long haul is going to rest in the UK, Ida is getting up in the U.S putting on her armor …. and in a way, her own way continuous where Steven left.

    Towards the light we go from wherever we are and whatever we conceive that light to be…

    It is the Staying Power of the Heart, because all other options would be unthinkable.

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