Beware Foods Behaving Badly

monsanto-GMO-cornZen Gardner, Guest
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More GMO madness in the news. Apparently the “all clear” signal Washington has given the industry via the Monsanto Protection Act and other long term sanctions has the big dollar genetic engineering industry in a frenzy.

One of the first things a naturopath told us many years ago was “If it doesn’t rot or spoil, don’t eat it.” In other words, eat real food – not processed crap that’s full of toxic additives and non-food ingredients. What’s natural will naturally degrade as it passes its edible stage – unless you’re going for a fermented food. Foods without moisture of course will last a long time like legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, but I’m talking here about food that’s pretending to be fresh or have fresh, natural ingredients. It’s supposed to spoil.

That’s the way nature works.

It’s a good guideline. GMOs were just beginning to come heavily online at the time we heard this advice so this new perversion of nature wasn’t as much in the mix. The weird thing with frankenfoods, they’re not that easy to spot. They’ll rot to some degree, but they’re not the same and as we know, given a choice even animals avoid them.

  • The fruits and veggies inn the stores are extremely uniform now–because they’re engineered. Yes, they sort out different sizes and discolored or damaged ones, but it’s gotten past that. Even some organic food outlets, especially so-called organic sections in the big stores, are looking more and more uniform, not like the natural selection we should see with organic foods with flaws and natural variety.

    And the latest perversion of nature? Apples that don’t brown when exposed to air. Oh, really. Now that’s got to be good for us…

    Next Up in the GMO Line: Apples and Dicamba-Drenched Crops

    Emboldened by the U.S. government’s repeated willingness to unleash genetically modified food on its citizens, biotech companies have big plans for our future.

    A Canadian biotech company called Okanagan Specialty Fruits developed a GM apple currently under review by the FDA. This would be one of the first genetically modified fruits on store shelves in the U.S. The “Arctic Apple” would not turn brown after being sliced or bitten into.

    It seems almost funny, considering that people have never seemed to have a problem with this bit of browning during the apple’s thousands of years in cultivated existence.

    Of course, the company touts all sorts of benefits the FrankenApple would provide. It would allow sliced apples to be sold in bags for convenient school lunches (it’s for the kids!), and restaurants could abandon the need to use preservatives to keep their fruit salads fresh (what about all the other fruits in there?).


    It’s Ain’t Just Twinkies that Never Rot

    You’ve no doubt read about the McDonald’s hamburgers and fries that seem to never deteriorate, sometimes over many years. While fast food apologists say it’s the lack or moisture and air that causes it, food analysts agree that for starters, fast foods are generally fatty, extremely salty (a “natural” preservative) and bereft of nutrients.

    Not a very compelling argument for anything.

    They go on to justify McDonald’s saying it’s true in all processed foods, as if that’s a defense. They also go to the Orwellian argument that if the levels of these added ingredients were over FDA limits surely they would be found out and stopped. Talk about the ultimate false choice while giving your authority away to social manipulators and corporate interests.

    Having trust in a parasitic government and its corporate manipulators is full on institutionalized Stockholm Syndrome.

    Pretty much the state of the unawake.

    Don’t be one, whatever it takes.

    And don’t drink their water or eat their food – get the real thing in your life. What we consume has to pass at least two criteria – is it real, and is tainted?

    Default to “no” and work backwards is my advice.

    Good health to you.

    Love, Zen

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