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Dear Humans,

Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that can sense a major event before it happens. Like the bow shock from a ship at sea, there are tiny waves that ripple ahead, giving warning of its imminent passage. So is true with other events of high scale and magnitude, whether physical or otherwise.

Waves also propagate through the tensile conduits of the collective consciousness and are felt by those attuned to such vibrations. Those with hardened soles simply march on to the rhythm of a beat- but those who stray barefoot may pause and take notice. They know the path they’ve been walking upon has been altered by an outside force.

The feeling can manifest in any number of ways -not the least in the form of anxiousness. It’s a burdensome feeling that hangs heavy like fog in a London shipyard.  It’s an overwhelming feeling of wanting to do or say something but not having anything really tangible to offer. Many will shake off such feelings. They will ultimately blame it on stress from the job or maybe leftover pizza that didn’t settle quite right.But like a fire alarm blaring in a burning building, the internal warning bell can be just as annoying, just as persistent as its physical twin. And both can save a life.

I invite you to take a moment to consider the internal alarm and how it was designed to serve Humanity. We’ll take a leap into the vast unknown, a second forward ahead of the sweeping hand, a beat beyond the swinging pendulum and jockey over to a new point of observation.

In the meantime, feel free to reset your calendar and clocks to a place and time we’ll call the ever-present now. Your plane is now boarding. Sorry, carry-ons are not allowed.

  • Zombie in the Room

    Clinically, this “London fog” condition would likely be diagnosed as depression, an anxiety disorder or a combination of both. Of course there’s an arsenal of powerful pharmaceuticals that will mute this natural warning bell. Take two of these three times a day and everything will be fine. That’s a hard recommendation to turn down when feeling so separated from the rest. So most conform to the hypnotic lull of the sorcerer in the white coat and submit to chemical attenuation.

    The mind is soon rendered into a neutral state, giving up any struggle that it may have wrestled with. There are numerous tradeoffs along the way, sedation of the senses, serious potential health risks including suicidal thoughts, as well as marked changes in personality. One may fall into a malleable state of dispassion. No high highs, no low lows, just a “go along to get along” stride and mentality. As time goes by, the mind may try to reroute in such a way as to bring back the warning system and once again may start detecting those vibrations that had brought on the anxiousness. No problem. They’ll have a drug ready and waiting for that moment too.

    So the chemical brain bath helps maintain a state of cognitive detachment and submission. In the meantime, the hapless victim is further assaulted by copious amounts of television, fluoridated water and mercury-tainted vaccines, until one day they vaguely start resembling the very zombie they so enjoy killing on their PlayStation console.

    By this stage they will no longer be able to see the zombie materializing in the mirror. They will have lost much of their higher awareness because the white coat man with the germ-laden stethoscope said it had to be so.

    Sky Yellow

    Many people living in tornado alley have come to recognize what it means to see “yellow sky.” It’s a dire warning that the weather is about to change for the worse. Animals take heed, as do all the sentient creatures on the ground and in the air. Sky yellow means it’s time to button down the hatches and seek shelter in a nearby basement. It is the foretelling of a storm, an impending event of epic proportion. It’s nature’s gentle foreshock to a greater show about to follow. Yellow sky can soon yield to burgeoning darkness, leveled buildings and uprooted trees. Time is of the essence.

    We are living in a politico-sociological time of yellow sky. The conditions are just right for a “storm” of epic proportion. Conditions that define the clinical state of depression accurately reflect the instability of the world we live in. Because we are not able to administer anti-depressants to the psychopathic controllers of our world, we are only left with two other options, don’t take them at all and face the hardships head on or gobble them down like Halloween candy. We are fed terms like depression, anxiety, ADHD and a whole slew of other medical expressions and it’s inferred that the problem originates with you. It can’t possibly have anything to do with the world outside of you.

    Because reality has become a manufactured illusion, drugs are frequently administered to help maintain the deception. The depressed state may indeed be an alarm bell, a desperate warning to seek shelter before the storm. If left unattended it can become very debilitating indeed, replete with the emotional equivalency of uprooted trees and leveled buildings. But the modality of the treatment will ultimately define its success. Will the symptoms be merely addressed, or will the root cause of the problem be identified and eliminated. If the root cause is linked to a higher awareness of the true state of the “civilized” world, then I’m quite certain what course of action will be dictated.

    Trick or treat.

    Point of No Return

    There’s an expression that harkens back to early times that there’s a point where one must continue onward because going back is no longer an option. There is no guarantee, of course, that going forward will offer any solution or improve chances for survival. At “the point of no return” one must continue on their path with faith, clear judgment and awareness. Sometimes the plane runs out of fuel and belly lands in the desert. No need to worry in our case- our “imaginary” plane has been fitted with extra tanks.

    But we are all at a point of no return. Simply in terms of economic policies in the United States we are seeing deficits that cannot be reversed or remedied in any conventional manner. There’s an estimated 17 trillion dollar debt load and it’s growing precipitously every day. There is no easy way out. Since the biggest corporations are multinational, they don’t really have a concern for any particular country- just the ones that do their bidding.

    If America loses favor with the power elite, the Bank of International Settlements would eventually pull the plug and collapse the economy overnight. It seems this country is continually slipping into the shell of its former self, a former republic or a “banana” republic where corporations forge allegiances with top leaders in Washington. We find former high level government official s taking high paying jobs with corporations like Pfizer, Bayer and Monsanto. The new government is shaping into a corporatocracy, replete with nepotism and payola.

    Evolution not Revolution

    Being aware of the state of things can be a little nerve-racking and unsettling to say the least. It can come at you like a knock on the door at 3 AM that rattles you out of bed. Some are “awakened” gently, but it seems most are not. They are startled into the state. If you are one of them, then you know what I mean. It can be a feeling that seems just outside one’s control –like a harbinger of doom.   But it’s not.  It’s well within your control. One just need be aware.  That’s the first and most important step.

    The ultimate “weapon” is not a weapon at all. It’s a state of mind. It is an understanding of a situation and choosing to remove oneself from the mechanism that attempts to change the definition of who and what you are.

    Declaring a “revolution” only shifts the power to another side of the chessboard where the grand chess master rubs his evil little hands together contemplating the next move. Evolution is a state of mind. It’s realizing the game is fixed and rules are skewed. There is great power in this order of consciousness. It levels the playing board. When one begins to realize how powerful they are and what they’re capable of doing, the chess master starts to tremble. After all, you are supposed to be a pawn. One can rise above the circumstances and cut a new pathway.

    It is not an easy journey, but you are here for a reason. Those that read these words and resonate with the message already understand. We are here together at this time of yellow sky, and together we can make a difference. The time isn’t past or future.  The time is now.

    Final Thought

    From our flight altitude we can see changes about to unfold. We are approaching a point of no return where artificially upheld illusions ranging from the state of the economy to the covert dealings with foreign nations are beginning to slide into the light of awareness. Whistleblower testimonies will continue coming forward and reliable alternative internet sources will continue providing details and information that would have otherwise been dismissed by mainstream media.

    Depression is not a natural state to be in. Not by a long shot. But maybe it’s brought on by an attempt to acclimate to a distressed world. By pretending the world is normal and ignoring the “foreshock,” one may fall into a grey state of despair.

    We live in a world where soldiers are ordered to pick up a gun and kill others they don’t even know. They are the “enemy” they’re told. And the person on the other side is ordered to pick up their rifle and shoot someone they don’t know, because, yep, they are the “enemy.” It doesn’t matter that these same two people may have had the potential of forming a close friendship.  One or the other is now dead. The soldier that pulled the trigger and survived will likely experience the weight of depression that follows. No problem. There’s a treatment for your depression, they’ll tell him. Take two of these three times a day.

    Perhaps the chess master has an interest in that particular pharmaceutical company. One can be quite certain he has interest in the companies that manufactured the rifles for both sides. No doubt he has some level of interest in the tanks, missiles, ammunition and in the uniforms too. Such a small world.

    I apologize for the bumpy ride but things are already looking clearer. It is time once again to reset your timepiece and resume the calendar as it was. Just remember those settings are skewed and require your vigilant awareness. Thank you for taking this moment to fly with me through a yellow sky and past the point of no return.

    You may now return your table to the upright position. You have landed safely.

    -Until next time

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