Assumption Consumption and How We’ve Been Sold

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There’s a closing technique in sales that is known as the “assume close”, as in the closing of a sale, the ultimate objective of the salesman. This is very powerful and falls in line with the ideas of affirmation and visualization, but is even more subtly subversive as a social-psychological technique. It doesn’t matter if it’s for so-called “good reasons”, to use this device on anyone can be extremely devious and is at the very least manipulative and dishonest.

That’s what humanity is being played by.

We’re “assumed” into the positions we’re conditioned to so obediently submit to. How? Because for one we are told there are no other alternatives and this is the way it should be..and in some cases always has been. More importantly, the “ownership” of these mindsets and behavior patterns is projected on to us in this subtly arrogant yet apparently authoritative tone to where the receiver just “assumes” that’s the way it is, or should be.

The Assumer Society

Hence the assume close. In sales it works like a charm most of the time. The potential purchaser is given images, feelings and even imposed virtual physical senses of their owning the product or service and enjoying its benefits. They’re repeatedly given pictures of the product in their home and life during the sales pitch with this product or service changing their lives for the better. You see it constantly in advertising.

  • Remember, they’re not selling the product. They’re selling the benefits.

    At that point the sales pitch moves to literally signing up as if the consumer has made up his mind. They haven’t really, but the assumptive behavior of the salesman indicates to them it’s a done deal while it’s clear the subject is leaning towards purchasing whatever there is to be sold. The suction is extremely strong. Assumption consumption is in progress.

    How does that translate to overall society? Most importantly, in today’s dystopian world, besides the crass consumerism we’re awash in, it’s the personal security issue. You need a formal education, you need a job, you need to fit in, you need to obey. After all, if you don’t, not only will you die of hunger and humiliation, but now the “terrorists” might come and invade without our implicit cooperation with the State, and even YOU might be considered a terrorist if you don’t conform to this new “protective” code.

    Before this current era pleasure was a huge seller – whether it was booze, cigarettes, sex, having a fancy car, or looking like a movie star, self-affirmation and popularity were the big sellers – and the need to defend that lifestyle was dutifully inbred. Everything revolved around that.  During that relatively sleepy stage the agenda took off as the background of a fake Cold War was justifying resultant massive defense and “R&D” expenditures.

    Just as today, if you want to sell a full spectrum controlling surveillance system, create terrorism, and then sell security. How do you get that security? Voila! More surveillance, paranoia, snitching, and tightening up of anything and everything as the police state metastasizes into the beast that it is today.

    All for the end result of that good-feeling security. Remember? That’s how to sell. Sell the apparent, projected effects. But first of all sell the looming negatives if you don’t comply.

    Are We Scripted Actors in a Manufactured Play?

    This assumption technique is quite a heavy concept, but you’ll see it more and more. It kicks in at all kinds of levels. Personally, I don’t like getting diddled by these bastards so I’m very aware of their scams. Social engineers have been perfecting these psycho-tricks for ages. To them, it’s like playing with a tiger on a tether – just watch it jump to your commands.

    All the while they know this tiger, called infinitely potentialed humanity, could eat them at any time if it caught on.

    Just imagine the fear they live in. That’s something to grin about.

    When you catch on to what’s going on it becomes apparent the world stage is a set one, and the script has been written before hand. As well as on the go. These control-freak psychopaths have every earthly resource at their command.

    No worries, we’re getting a boatload of empowering info as well, which has put them in another quandary. Ha. It always backfires on negative forces. Besides, our resources way surpass theirs. Ours are infinite with infinite potential. Top that.

    Unfortunately, these long-term planners have also built the stage their actors are playing on, and it’s about to collapse. Deliberately. Dastardly I know, but this is how they work. All sides toward the middle. Just as they have their obvious big demons and controlled opposition and manufactured dissent, the entire structure has been engineered to fail, while a new flashy stage is being furiously erected and is waiting in the wings.

    Dissolving Their Massive Lie One Wake Up at a Time

    This might be a “leap of faith” for many to grasp, but the answer really is untangling from this matrix of deceit one soul at a time. What they fear, and each of us needs to realize, is the infinite power of waking up in every possible way. Our very energetic DISengagement as well as SOURCE-engagement reverses the flow exponentially. One heart at a time.

    That humanity has been blinded to this realization again attests to the temporal power of social engineering – religion, false politics, reactive entrainment, despair, insecurity and fear of scarcity work in their favor to shut down humanity’s innate contact with Source. The very thing that would not just bring down the invading oppressors, but empower earth’s inhabitants with the ability to heal and aid and work in complete cooperation with it’s wonderful, natural environment.

    The power of the individual has been dutifully erased. The trope of herd and non-herd mentalities has stricken a massive demarcation between courage and seeming stupidity. It’s been here a long time, but today, it’s a major selling technique.

    Don’t fall for it. Anywhere.

    We’re being conned every which way from Sunday. But only if you listen to it.

    Be careful. The sirens of untruth are massively attractive.

    After all, they have something to sell.

    Just remember; Cui Bono? i.e. Who really benefits?

    Is it you?

    Much love, Zen

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