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10 Ways to Opt Out of the System

Joe Wright – The more you depend on a system you despise, the more you will be hurt by it. Therefore, it’s vital to find ways to opt out to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

You Are What You Eat: Re-Thinking Food

Andrew Dilks, Contributor Waking Times If you were to visit China in the 21st century, you may well stumble across one of the popular speed cooking competitions, where frenetically paced chefs transform live animals into animated culinary oddities: snakes are decapitated then chopped up into inch-long segments, which squirm on the plate several feet away from

Been Down So Long…

Soren Dreier, Contributing Writer Waking Times It seems to be increasingly obvious on a daily basis that the western society is getting divided into: Those who have and those who don’t. The West is rolling time back to its feudalistic roots, and the gap between the rich and poor is widening disproportionately, something we are

Is Junk Food For The Poor Better Than Nothing?

Tania Melkonian Waking Times Anyone behind me in line at the supermarket check-out would think me uncharitable.  The cashier asks,‘Would you like to donate a meal to the X house for the poor?’  Naturally, it is deliberate that her script obliges that any answer other than an enthusiastic ‘Oh, yes please! I would love nothing more!’ renders

Help Yourself

Eric, Day-Blind Star Waking Times In my short experience on this big blue marble there is one-act that I have continually come to find gratifying. The best way to help yourself is by helping others. Since the way we see the world is a reflection of how we see ourselves, lending a helping hand can

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