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Sailing Sea ChangeIda Lawrence, Contributor
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You might be saying, “I am a spiritual person, not an activist. My spiritual solution tells me to work on raising my energy and expanding consciousness, and not concern myself the horrors of this world.”

Or you might be saying, “I cannot intentionally look away from suffering that I could possibly ease; suffering that my heart has asked me to ease. I am a spiritual-minded person, but I must be an activist.”

And there we have it. While these two perspectives seem to be contradictory, I’m comfortable in saying that every individual who loves the Divine Spirit within, has an activist heart. As far as I’m concerned there are countless ways of being ‘activist’, from meditating in seclusion to going forth and giving it all. We do what we have an affinity for, or what calls us.

Any consciousness path will have a liberating effect on our lives and the lives of others, and there is no ‘my way is better’. What every one of us is going for, ultimately, is a change in the collective consciousness: a sea change. We want every one of us to be fully human again, healed, uncovered and shining.

So, what brought me to the activist subject? This morning I sorted through a few boxes stored in the basement. Some things were put in a donation box, others re-packed as mementos of a time period. I don’t normally get attached to mementos as the experiences they bring back are already in the record. But… if they’re interesting objects, I might hang on a little longer.

  • In one of the small boxes I found photos and items from World Conference Against Racism, which took place in South Africa during the last week of August, first week of September in 2001. Now, I know that for many readers the UN is and always has been an evil one-world force, and so the questions arises… how could it possibly benefit anyone to go to a UN conference.

    From about 1977 to 2001 the UN opened up communication channels whereby Indigenous Peoples, Afro-descendants, Aboriginal Peoples, Palestinians, Dalits and many others could get their message to world governments and to each other. Believing they could put the pressure of law and world opinion upon their respective governments, people used it to the best of their ability, and some small progress was made.

    At the 2001 world conference the energy was very strong and focused: people were connecting with each other, Canada and the US walked out, European governments ganged up, it was hot and heavy against Israel, and news was being made. I returned from South Africa to the US the day before 911.

    On the morning of 911, with its intended ‘whammy’ impact upon global consciousness, there was nothing left of the conference but the memory. Sometimes I look at those days as the last time the people would actually believe they could influence and change the world through ‘sanctioned legal channels’.

    After that the UN was ‘reformed’ under pressure from the US. Real doors that the people could use were closed; fake, symbolic doors were left open, and that was that. Some people kept going, but for all practical purposes it was over by 2004.

    With the fantasy that ‘someone will help us’ dead in the waters, a new way had to be found.

    In the years that followed, I often asked myself what could be a new way. In what grouping are there people who love truth enough to see all of this, respect the voices calling for change, and be strong enough to listen to Divinity within? Where are the people who are intentionally untangling the damage that conditioning has done to our souls?

    The countercurrent: We want a world where people would have no need of world governments and human right laws… where human rights are truly inherent.

    The heart’s mind has the ability to ‘feel’ another heart, and to sort out what is right. Buttressed by the wisdom of the elders, we were once nourished by the merciful and warm heart. But something turned us away from knowing by feeling. That something asked us to be reasonable and to compromise. Maybe we resisted at first, but eventually cold and calculating reason supplanted the warm knowing.

    Reason can argue feeling and intuition into confusion. Confusion brings doubt, and after doubt comes fear. “I don’t know what’s right… I am afraid… please tell me what to think.” So says the tiny inner voice of how many millions?

    Looking at history to the present day, it seems a complete takeover had to be endured in order to force us into return. Now we stand here looking at devastation: the outcome of that upside down ‘cold over warm’ experience.

    In an article I read just today, the writer said that scientists are trying to train our brains to not be bigoted. What a silly idea… as if more of what caused the sickness will cure it. Forget what is reasonable to think. What does bigotry feel like… comfortable or uncomfortable?

    The UN showed us that it was never the intention of the body of member governments to support the people’s prayers. Governments do place pressure on each other, we were right about that, and they use the law to do it, but any advance to the people is strictly for political advantage.

    Racism is learned – it’s the result of conditioning, false reasoning, fear-filled propaganda, twisted laws and systems, and deceit. It is a sick construction of ‘them and us’ thinking that has brought harm and pain and injustice for long enough. It cannot be legislated away, and scientists cannot train our brains out of it.

    But… we can unlearn it in a very self-loving way. I know of no other community or collection of like-minded people that can do as much to combat conditioning, false reasoning, propaganda and the ‘them and us’ mindset as the consciousness movement. That’s why I’m here. If anything can bring mercy and compassion back, it is the realization that we are all sparks of the Divine.

    Whether we’re activists, artists, writers, meditators, healers, laborers, or parents teaching our children true history and the meaning of love one another, we are the ones who can answer prayers.

    Answering prayers: The UN experience did teach me something essential. If, rather than trying to invent solutions for people we wish to help, we support and assist them in their solutions, we will restore ourselves as well. This will get the sea change flowing.

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    Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has contributed to and edited two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Her latest book is entitled The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Ida has also published a companion book of blog favorites from

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