Powerful Video About the Impact of Over-fishing

Waking Times

Video – This short film was created by underwater photographer Howard Hall to raise awareness about the dangers of over-fishing. Many creatures living in the oceans are at the risk of becoming “bycatch,” swept up by deep sea trawl and gill nets. About 50 percent of the fish caught by commercial fisheries in such trawl and gill nets are considered trash. To the fisheries, they are non-target species that often die caught in nets only to be thrown back into the ocean as waste.

Bycatch is a key threat to marine biodiversity and it can be avoided by encouraging the development and use of “selective” fishing gear. This type of gear is designed to select the species being targeted and allows bycatch to escape. Examples include minimum mesh sizes and “sorting grids” in fishing nets to allow non-target fish to escape, and specially designed hooks that enable turtles to escape. Other avoidance measures such as bird scarers and the use of spatial and temporal fishing measures can also reduce bycatch.

  • Ocean Requiem from Howard Hall on Vimeo.

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