Reverse Engineering the Illuminati Mind Set

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Pt.1 ‘On the Inside of Darkness’

When a US army drone got on the wrong side of the Iranian border a year or two ago, some clever hackers found a way into its coded electronics and guided it down to earth. From there it was “taken into custody” by Iranian forces and subsequently taken apart – and a cloned version was reverse engineered into existence. At least, that is what we are led to believe.

This salutary tale provides us with an excellent template for the deconstruction of the Illuminati mind set and the reversing of its malevolent Masonic ambitions.

Firstly, though, we need to agree that there really is some form of ‘master plan’ which guides the activities of those who are intent upon taking control over of all arteries of human activity on this planet.

There is no lack of evidence pointing to the existence of a small hierarchical cabal of rabid power brokers whose influence on the workings of this planet far exceeds that of the main players in the typical competitive fields of commerce and even politics. The origins of this cabal have been traced to a small network of interlinked family bloodlines going back to – and beyond – the dominant fiefdoms of power once present in the citadels of old Europe.

A Black Nobility, as it was known, that asserts a direct hereditary line to extra terrestrial “gods” that came to this planet at least two millennia ago and set about dominating its development according to a darkly scripted and distinctly sinister plan.

A line can be traced from that time right up to present day shadowy “Godfather” figures – who stand behind all the major banking, oil, pharmaceutical and military industrial corporations of this decade.

  • Now, to understand the mechanics whereby this dark clan evolved its control strategies, we have to enter its domain and have a look around inside. This exercise demands a surety of touch on the part of the infiltrator as well as a well-grounded sense of the inter-connective nature of the energies that make up the total portrait of life, from the darkest to the lightest points of the spectrum.

    In this case, we are going to enter – and try to gain an understanding of – the darkest end of the spectrum. This is the domain from which the Illuminati entities draw their sustenance – and if we don’t get a feel for the way it works, we can’t accomplish our mission.

    We will travel a passage which directly connects the resonant light region to the morphic dark region, using a vehicle – ourselves – which remains innerly illumined throughout.

    So here we go…

    As we close-in on our destination, one of the first things that becomes apparent is that the behaviour of the entities who inhabit this place is marked by a certain heaviness. Where there should be movement there is instead stagnation. The entity we decide to observe is not motivated by spontaneity of any description. To function, it appears to need very little photon absorption; like fish living at the very bottom of the deep ocean.

    An imploded vibrancy field draws upon low frequency carbon sources as a sustaining factor, and an inverted auroric field takes the form of a microcosmic black hole, situated below the plexus.

    To this is attracted all that has failed to utilize its life potential in the outer world. Particularly in the human realm. All that has made no attempt to raise its consciousness and is therefore dependent upon the distorted consumerist miasma of daily existence. This is the source of the fuel that maintains the devouring nature of this perpetually hungry void.

    As we move in closer, we can feel a certain numbness chilling the atmosphere, a blanket which cuts off incoming vibratory waves that normally interact with the inner sensitivities of conscious beings, forming the staple ingredients of our awakened lives.

    Penetrating further, we allow ourselves to absorb something of “the state of being” of this entity. This manoeuvre, which is not without danger, is a prerequisite for our gaining a true understanding of the make up – the composition – of that which we are exploring.

    If we can’t empathise with it – we can’t influence it.

    At the centre of this strangely void and dark interior where we now are, is a sense of intense inward contraction. As though the entity is holding something within a prison of privacy, power and protection. These ’emotions’ forming a neutron around which ‘life’ appears to revolve. This is a polarised reverse gravitational field, the opposite to that of loving sentient humans.

    Now we must perform a little trick that will allow us to slip sideways through the low vibrational plasmic field of this entity; turning ourselves around on the inside so that we face the way we came in. This is so as to maintain “the connect” with the cord of umbilical light that is accompanying us at all times on this journey into the underworld.

    We are performing the same role as Theseus in the Minotaur’s lair. A line from the light resonance centre is our golden thread which ensures the continuity of higher energy is never lost while on this mission into darkness. It is only when we have arrived here – on the inside of darkness – that we can start the process of reversing the sequences that lie behind the destructive behaviour patterns of Illuminati initiates.

    We are called upon to set in motion the transformation of the dark gravity fields that have, up until now, been venomously sucking outside energies into their mass, obscuring the inner source of sentient compassion so that it can find no outward expression.

    Now, if you have been able to follow me on this journey so far – congratulations! Stick with it, for here comes the crucial, delicate part of this operation that can set in motion a paradigm shift capable of bringing light and balance back to a deeply disturbed internal and external order.

    For the Illuminati mind is caught, mostly of its own will, in an alien world that reverses the normal sequence of events. Just as the Gestapo Swastika is the reverse image of an ancient spiritual peace symbol – so the ritualistic engagement in satanic worship in which the Illuminati participate – reverses the positivity of loving emotion and hardens it into an oppositional counterpart.

    In consciously entering into this domain ourselves, we experience certain patterns within this darkness that are familiar to us. That are part of our motional vocabulary.

    Now this is a crucial discovery, as it means that we have penetrated a veil within ourselves that has regarded, up until now, the dark motivation that is characteristic of an Illuminati mind set – to be something wholly alien. Something that we can conveniently place outside ourselves – something “inhuman”.

    As we slowly gyrate around this strange and murky environment, like an astronaut floating in outer space, we gradually detect just the tiniest ray of pure light! It’s the way that light is observed by deep sea explorers peering out of their submersibles at great depths beneath the ocean’s surface.

    This discovery is of profound significance because it reveals that a “living” light element exists within the dark entity which must connect right through to the opposite spectrum: the centre of light. A not-well -understood truth that has come down to us from the great sages of the past.

    Equally importantly, it reveals that the dark entities, so capable of reeking havoc on our planetary existence, also have within themselves a “divine spark” capable of transforming their crudeness – even if this spark remains almost completely smothered by the entity’s current extreme opposition to its manifestation.

    Gaining the sense of recognition that this state is common to both “us” and “them” opens up a valve within us that release a pheromone of compassion. This pheromone speaks to the little photon of love that burns – up until now undetected – within the dark entity. So here we are, camped on the inside of this dark hole – and yet able to feel a waft of genuine compassion for its predicament!

    Is such a thing possible?

    Of course it is.

    In the second that this “reconnection” is established with the little photon of light – a defining moment is catalysed. A moment so profound that it resembles the birth of the universe itself.

    For it awakens the cellular tissues that lie dormant within the sleeping sentient plain of the dark entity. Without this touchpaper having been activated, we are unable to set in motion the operation that we have come here to perform.

    Once a human being – gifted as all are with divine powers to take control of the greater destiny of this universe – crosses the Rubicon, and, keeping his/her divine torch burning throughout, penetrates the greater darkness and releases that which holds back its evolution into light – we will finally have fulfilled the aspirations of the great legendary heroes – King Arthur, Theseus, Orpheus, and all great mythic explorers of the underworld.

    Once we have recognised and accepted that we, too, hold within our composition, the seed of darkness, the power of destruction, the capacity to exert compassion-less will power, only then can we carry though the mission that our Creator equipped us to perform.

    So now, working from within this microcosmic black hole, the pheromone of our compassion helps spark within this entity a little stirring – and that stirring causes the entity to have a ‘feeling’ to which he/she is quite unaccustomed, yet which acts like an ancient memory.

    You see, somewhere deep inside, this entity knows that the light which presently scares it is also its one chance for transformation and release. Release from the cold vice-like clamp which seals the heart away from love – the black hole that this entity has aligned itself with. A black hole whose imploded gravitational field is maintained via vampiric sucking on the innocent energies that can be enticed to offer themselves unto it.

    And indeed, this is the horrific nature of paedophilia, archon subversions, satanic rituals and violent sustained acts of aggression and war; always with the aim of maintaining power over others. An ambition which is born out of a deep fear for the ways of truth.

    As this activated photon vibration gets under way, its transformative vibratory pulse opens into the light of day that which, for so long, has festered on the bottom rung of cyclic decay.

    Unlike the task given to St. George and and Theseus – it is not for us to “slay the dragon” – but to help it to know that this is not its final form. We are here to encourage that little spark of remaining light to expand and to awaken the cellular tissues, so that they can ultimately metamorphose this deathly entity into a being able to enter the higher planes of existence. A process whereby its scaly old skin will simply fall away.

    I think we all know that the “us” and “them” syndrome is essentially a kind of stalemate that tends to further provoke aggressive tendencies by both parties and never reaches an empowering or satisfactory conclusion. Yet it’s tortuously difficult to get beyond this state.

    The breakthrough comes when we see that we are neither divisible nor separate from those we oppose and who oppose us. And that, once whole, we can embrace the darkness and the light and find pathways towards the evolution and resolution of what otherwise appear to be irreversible and unresolvable dichotomies.

    It is therefore now possible to suggest that the dark side’s attempts to crush and obliterate the thinking, feeling inhabitants of planet Earth will ultimately deny these destroyers the one means they have left to come alive and be freed.

    For there is no escaping the ubiquitous and loving photon power that casts its ever broader beam over a wild yet waking world. And it is we – we human beings – who have been entrusted by our Creator with bringing about this task of transformation. So that Illuminati – with nowhere left to hide – can finally embark upon the genuine road of “illumination” or be driven into hiding ever deeper into still uncharted corners of this universe.

    The ability to summon sufficient bravery to encourage the gift of light to awaken in those who we have every reason to despise, is the next great threshold in the evolution of awaking man.

    About the Author

    Julian is an early pioneer of organic farming methods, an international activist, actor and author. His book Changing Course for Life can be purchased on and his forthcoming book In Defence of Life – Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom will be published later this year. Julian is President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside.

    In a follow-up essay (Pt.2) Julian will explore how aware activists “on the surface” complement the aware “diggers” who go under it. And how only by uniting these energies – within each of us – can the future be won.

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