Revered Ayahuasquero Taita Juanito Has an Essential Message for Those Struggling During This Crisis

Dylan Charles, Editor
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When I look at people’s faces covered in masks, I try to discern from their eyes alone what they are feeling. And it’s tough.

But, it’s tough not because you can’t see their whole faces, it’s tough because people everywhere are hiding their whole selves behind their egoic masks of confidence, surety, and stoicism. They are hiding their true feelings, their pain and their suffering from the world.

We are all experiencing unprecedented stress, loneliness, anxiety, worry, and uncertainty right now. And in this climate, it’s very easy for the mind to take you in to fear. Fear of what’s happening now, and fear of what is to come.

But these feelings aren’t the whole story. They don’t represent the deepest truths about our lives.

The fear is a finger pointing at the moon. Pointing to something so big that we can’t see it right in front of our eyes. Yet here there is a truth much greater and far more powerful than all the fear in the world combined. And when you connect to this truth, your power and your smile return.

Speaking in a recent online conference, revered Ayahuasquero, Taita Juanito shares a powerful message for all people who are experiencing these challenges right now. It’s a message that gets lost in the clutter and flash of an info-drenched and drama-craving world, but it is so simple and pure, that when you open your heart to it, it cuts right through everything else.

I hope you are doing well, but if you’re struggling right now, give some consideration to Taita Juanito’s words here, and please share them with those you know who are also in need of such a reminder.

The following transcript was taken from an interpreter to Taita Juanito in a recent presentation by Canta Con Amor 2020:

“All people that are going through difficulties, we send you many blessings, because you are our family. All of us are connected. Now, in this time it is different for all of us. Some of us have practices and medicines, and this is good. Continue practicing your spiritual path, and you can consult plants at home. But another part is that some of us don’t have spiritual practices. We’re in sadness. There’s absence in their life, in their heart. And for all of you experiencing this absence in your heart, please understand  that you have never been alone. Always, there is something greater, bigger, deeper, which is the Great Spirit. You have to connect more. You, who are experiencing absence, open your heart.

Some say that you need faith. We say you need to find balance in this time, because for those that have a spiritual path and for those that don’t, there is a lesson for both. First, never feel alone, because when you close your eyes and you feel the vibration of nature, the Spirits of nature, and the Great Creator, there, automatically you’re not alone. It’s a limiting belief that is taking you there.

For you, we pray for you, and you should pray as well, from your heart. And if you have plants, do plant baths. Share this time with your family, your children, your friends, because all this is teaching us community. We run around too frequently, searching for money, or things that we may need or want, but then we forget to live life. So now you have this chance. Live life. Live intensely, asking the Creator and nature.

The plants have always been here when you place a good intention to a bath or steam bath with plants, or you have a visionary plant, ask of the plant, and the plant will always show you the door. This time is a gift. Many people might see it different, but when we go to the deepest aspect, there’s an ecstasy, a vibration of energy, of light.

A few days ago I drank medicine and I was asking, and what I saw was a world full of vibration, full of colors, and we were observing it, and I was asking why are you showing me this? And it said to me, ‘you, humanity have to be here, in this world of vibration with nature.’

It’s always been her for you. The spirits have always been here. You might call them Guardians, Angels, or Guides, but they have always been here. We have to ask from them, ask your Guardian, ask that energy of Spirits, the Angels, to come and change your memory through a prayer, through a fast, to strengthen you.

All this fear, this absence that I feel, it is only a limiting belief which is coming, and all things which come to your life, they are for something. They will bring you strength, they will bring you study. What is this experience teaching you? What does it want to say to you? And there we connect with the art of life, the art of feeling.

This is why the Creator gave us our senses, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, skin. Activate it. Activate the listening. It’s important to listen to the heart and to listen to all the energy of the Spirits.”

Taita Juanito continues in this presentation by Canta Con Amor 2020:

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