Re-Programming Our Fear of Natural Childbirth

Tricia Villanueva
Waking Times

The gateway to my awakening was a drug trip so ethereal… I promise you reader, the trip matters.

It began without my realizing it. I find myself in deep meditation. No time, no space, I simply float. Afternoon grows into night; I’m simply being.

Four hours in, my husband rushes me to the hospital. The world, alive in technicolor. Fluorescent lights in the elevator – as much sound as they are light. Into the night. The sky, the stars envelop me… peace. A soft spring rain on my face, my arms. I bask in the gentle beauty, the love all around me.

Hospital. Smiling intern panics. I’m on a gurney. People, things flying past.

Hospital room. Powerful waves. I ride, exhilarated.

Waves cease. Eyes closed, smiling, I float in bliss, love, peace. Nurse apologizes, apologizes… Though I’m the “patient,” I see her agitation and want to comfort her. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” I murmur. (Next day I asked my husband, “Why the apologies?” He pointed to my bruised arm, testament to the nurse’s inability to find a vein. I’d had no idea.)

So… I was floating… love. Twenty minutes later, my first child was born.

This sublime adventure – a surprise to me – was a natural birth. (The needle carried forced, unwanted antibiotics), but the heavenly opiates, the limitless love… that was nature.

  • This experience was the catalyst for my awakening, and it holds significance for all women because what happened to me was no accident. It wasn’t a fluke. The bliss, the absence of pain, was there by design. The science of birth prescribes this. For one reason or another, we have been programmed to believe something entirely different.

    For hundreds of years (since hospitals), perhaps thousands (if the Bible passages haven’t been misconstrued), women have been imprisoned by fear of birth. Certainly the science, and complications, allow for pain but if we simply regard the mechanics of birth – eliminate human interference (thinking, judgment, hospital interventions) – the intention is euphoria and little, if any, pain. Whoever designed our spacesuits intended for women, as they enter motherhood, to experience all possibility, all love. Humans have turned it into torture.  It’s time to change that computer program.

    The Science of Birth

    Briefly. The body releases oxytocin, the hormone that stimulates contractions. Contractions start slow, build to a crescendo. Each contraction comes with oxytocin until the mother has more oxytocin flowing than at any other time in life. Brilliant. Oxytocin also happens to be the hormone of love.

    In every encounter with love that humans experience – love of nature, maternal love, infatuation, sexual love, orgasm… oxytocin is there. So, oxytocin spurs contractions, and builds up in the body. Thus when mother and baby first meet, the baby knows radiant unconditional love. Oxytocin passes the placental barrier; the infant too is awash in love. Wow.

    Continuing… Contractions begin. Body responds with… ahhh, endorphins. Same ones we feel after running, but as with oxytocin, in an undisturbed birth the endorphins build. By journey’s end there are more endorphins flowing than most people get to experience naturally in their lives. The floatiness after orgasm. Magnified. To the point of bliss and no pain. These too pass the placental barrier. In an undisturbed birth, baby is as high as mother.

    Prolactin, the nurturing, mothering hormone, also flows, loosening ligaments, opening the canal.

    Voila, the science in a nutshell. A beautiful synergistic orchestration of hormones; a cocktail that drives the physics of birth and unleashes a powerful spiritual experience of ecstasy and love, bringing a new child into this world, birthing a mother.

    My Awakening

    I had this amazing birth and naturally, I began to ask questions. Why don’t other women experience this? Why do doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, the government obstruct natural birth? Why are women and babies being robbed of this experience?

    Began to investigate. Money. At some point in the 1800s, doctors actually went on a witch hunt against midwives, taking the business into the hospitals for themselves.

    Money is an answer. But I felt there was more. Something… sinister. What was it? Countless hours nursing my baby, reading books, the Internet, looking for answers, not finding any.

    Bewildered, I shelved the birth investigation and turned my attention to vaccines. Fortunately, at nine months pregnant, I had stumbled into a vaccine seminar and we chose to forego the Hep B vaccine, given in the first hours of life, and to wait a year before vaccinating. Time was passing, should I vaccinate or not? Digging, digging… I found the same thing all over again. Money appeared to be an answer, but again, the force behind vaccines seemed more sinister than that.

    Serendipitously around this time, I learned about Michael Pollan’s books. Dear me, here it was again… in our foods! The same thing all over again!


    Decided to throw out all my chemicals. What do I use for toothpaste now? Deodorant? I didn’t know but I needed to find out as there was nothing on my shelves. The next day, getting my hair cut, I met a raw foodist; answers found. Enter David Wolfe.

    One day, doing dishes, I tuned into David Wolfe on YouTube as usual. He brings on this David Wilcock character. Screeeech. I was expecting raw foods, instead I got…. ALIENS?! Drop the dishwashing gloves, go to YouTube… tap-tap-tap… Wilcock at the “Awake and Aware” conference. Hit play.

    All my life, I had been indoctrinated into the Catholic faith. All my life it didn’t take. It just didn’t make sense to me. Now, on this sunny Tuesday afternoon, in just two hours, I buy the alien thing, hook, line and sinker. Now it’s starting to make sense.

    What’s this awesomely named “Awake and Aware” conference? Project Camelot. I find David Icke, and the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place.

    So began my awakening. Now back to where this started: birth.

    Fear and Birth

    Why are women so afraid of birth? Business mavens, sky divers, tattooed sisters… When I extol natural birth, I see terror in their eyes.

    We are essentially brainwashed from girlhood on. Books, TV, movies all portray birth as painful, dangerous; laboring women as hysterical, undignified, out of control. It’s not just doctors that tell us birth is pain, but our own friends, sisters, mothers. Women expect pain, and they get it. Certainly, the pain that’s experienced is real; but expectation, ignorance and fear create most of that pain. Unleashing the bliss requires learning practical ancient knowledge – comfort positions, etc.; and above all: trust, surrender, letting go…

    TPTB Enslave Us Through Fear

    What is gained from fear of childbirth?

    1. It’s an effective avenue for fear, stealing our power.

    2. Fear in childbirth leads to physical pain (as do most hospital interventions).

    The science: Fear causes our bodies to release adrenaline. Adrenaline halts contractions, stems endorphins. Perfect. If a tiger enters the village, you don’t want to be incapacitated by contractions or opiates. You need to run. Adrenaline allows that.

    Halted contractions create tension. Fear begets pain, pain begets fear. It’s nearly impossible to recover once fear has set in. And there it is: birth is painful, and mothers themselves perpetuate the software program.

    3. Fearing the impending birth, a woman sees the doctors as her saviors. They alone can deliver her from pain. Business for the OBs, anesthesiologists, hospitals.

    4. The business includes baby’s first megadose of pharmaceuticals: antibiotics, powerful narcotics… toxic soup. And that’s just to get through birth. With baby in hospital, he is queued up for the first vaccine and other interventions.

    5. Babies born under chemicals have difficulties latching on, and mother and baby, day one, reach their first hurdle in breastfeeding. (Breastmilk, of course, populates baby’s gut with good bacteria and natural immunities, forming the foundation for health.)

    6. Lastly, they establish a cycle of dependence on the system. Rather than birthing her baby, the mother surrenders her power, passively allowing the doctors to deliver her baby. She couldn’t have done it without the good doctors. “Bring the baby in for wellness checkups (The Vaccine Delivery System), and we’ll take care of you, dear.” Mother and system share caretaking responsibilities.

    When the control system falls, so does the birth industry, and women will relearn how to birth naturally, in ecstasy. The drugs, the myriad C-sections are wreaking havoc. Who knows what we’re tampering with?

    I urge women to unplug, consider home birth, be proactive. Learn.

    For starters:
    • Marsden Wagner’s “Born in the USA”
    • Ina May Garten’s “Spiritual Midwifery”
    • Ricki Lake’s two “Business of Being Born” documentaries

    Infinite Love is the Only Truth

    Labor, the journey into motherhood, in its ethereal, love-soaked beauty, gives us a glimpse of that.

    Let’s change the computer program. Reclaim our lioness power. Birth with grace and dignity. We are all possibility.

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