Pimp Issues Warning About Sex-Trafficking of Children in America

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer
Waking Times

America has some dirty secrets that no one likes to talk about, and while Harvey Weinstein is on the front page for his career sexual abuse of women, there is no famous scapegoat rallying the public’s outrage against human sex-trafficking. It’s a disgusting multi-billion dollar industry often involving underage girls who’ve been kidnapped and are being raped and sold for profit by pimps, and it’s happening all over America.

Quite justifiably, it is being called the new American slavery, because that’s what it is. Enabled by hookup apps and webpages, hundreds of thousands of girls are being forced into prostitution each year, and as pedophilia is becoming normalized by the entertainment industry, the reality of American child sex-trafficking needs to be brought into the open.

  • The following short presentation sheds light on this:

    Interestingly, the presentation points out that sex-traffickers and pimps are men coming from all backgrounds, including priests, cops, teachers, and men from many other professions. Can you guess who the pimp is in these mugshot photos

    This presentation is part of a series on the trafficking of young girls in America, which features interview footage of a former street pimp serving time in prison for trafficking some fifty girls, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in doing so. “Joshua “Motivation” Jones is serving 12 years in prison,” and agreed to the following interviews as a means of warning the public about the dark reality of trafficking in America today.

    Serving time in a Texas penitentiary, Jones shares his core message with America:

    “Sit your daughter down and let her know. There’s people out there really ready to manipulate her.”

    And he’s frighteningly right. In 2015, Milwaukee, Wisconsin was named a hub of American sex-trafficking, tying for third place with Las Vegas. Atlanta, Houston, Portland, and other major cities are also consistently at the top of this list.

    The following segment offers a look at trafficking through eyes of a pimp. What do they look for? What type of children do they target? How do they lure them into sex slavery?

    This additional segment tells the shocking story of how a 13-year-old girl went missing for three weeks, and as her parents frantically searched for her, she was being held hostage in a nearby motel room and being raped for money from traffickers.

    Final Thoughts

    There is something profoundly sick about a society which allows something this ugly to fester in plain view, attempting to ignore it and pretending like it doesn’t exist. Perhaps the tide is turning a bit, as a number of high volume trafficking busts have taken place in recent years. With the Harvey Weinstein situation still emerging, there is hope that will emerge into a moment where people feel empowered to speak freely about the realities of sexual abuse and human trafficking today.

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