Is Climate Engineering Making Wildfires More Dangerous than Ever Before?

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Weaponized weather is a topic of keen discussion today as a growing number of mainstream news outlets are reporting on the reality of geoengineering technology and weather modification projects. Always pitched as a benign effort to reduce the damage caused by anthropogenic climate change, though, the mainstream never asks how this big idea could be used to do harm.

Meanwhile, Hollywood just released a major film, Geostorm, which dives into the very idea that technology to control weather can be used with malicious intent. Clearly the question is of interest in these rapidly advancing times, and as independent investigators pick apart anomalies surrounding recent extreme hurricanes Harvey, Irma and others, some are wondering about the link between weather manipulation and the recent historically dangerous fires in California.

  • In examination of this question, two primary, over-lapping areas of inquiry arise: creating and sustaining high-risk fire conditions, the acceleration of ground fires. 

    Firstly, the creation of high risk conditions is believed to be caused by the atmospheric dispersement of particulates designed to block solar radiation, ie. chemtrails. Solar Radiation Management (SRM), as it is called, is being discussed as  fashionable form of climate engineering. It involves the use of aluminum powder, heavy metals and other particulates, which when released at altitude causes sunlight to reflect back up into space rather than to heat the ground or ocean surface, thus preventing surface warming.

    Many also believe, however, that geoengineering projects in the area of Northern California and the West Coast are contributing to the die-off of millions of trees and other natural foliage, by contaminating the area with toxic heavy metals. This type of spraying would work to not only shield the surface of the earth from the sun’s radiation, but also to reduce the overall relative humidity of areas affected by these chemtrails.

    Aluminum powder is also flammable, and if quantities of it were dispersed in the air, they would eventually fall to the ground, creating an inflammatory coating which could cause ground fires to spread more rapidly and burn at a higher temperature than normally occurring fires.

    California is an area where many people report consistently elevated levels of chemtrail activity and atmospheric spraying. There is a great deal of available video footage of grid like patterns in the sky and in clouds, accompanied by unusual and unnatural weather patterns. California has been experiencing a drought for many years now, which could be at least in part a result of climate engineering programs being carried out in the area.

    Geoengineering programs may include cloud seeding which is widely known to be used by many governments around the world to manipulate the weather, providing ample evidence of our capacity to influence weather patterns and rainfall. The genesis of this technology came in the 1940’s after World War II when scientists from General Electric figured out how to change the course of a hurricane with Project Cirrus.

    The following presentation by Dane Wigington of looks at this issue in greater detail:

    Final Thoughts

    There are a number of additional theories on how an event like the recent California fires could have been manipulated in order to cause maximum damage, however the focus here is on the application of admitted geoengineering programs in creating the perfect conditions for a highly destructive wildfire.

    It needs to be said that we don’t really know the truth because we don’t have access to all of the information from all of the different components of an operation this complex. Also that speculation into this sort of thing typically involves third-party examination of available photographic evidence and available news and eye-witness reports, connected with other stand-alone data points from emergent information on these programs.

    Never-the-less, this area of questioning is perfectly reasonable given advancements in technology and a growing debate about climate change, its causes, and what to do about it.

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