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How Ancient Trees Created America

Neenah Payne – The true story of the America’s beginnings has everything to do with trees, lumber and economy.

New Study Shows That DMT Puts Your Brain In A “Waking Dream” State

John Vibes – A study led by a team of researchers at the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London demonstrated that people under the influence of DMT (or dimethyltryptamine) show brain wave patterns similar to a dreaming state while they are awake.

Freedom from Within

Kingsley L. Dennis – We must choose our freedom from within.

The Visionary Path

Kingsley L. Dennis – The visionary path is an inward path; as such, it requires a disciplined focus.

Is Your God a Devil?

Richard Smoley – Does the God we adore act totally with our best interests at heart?

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