Make 2017 Your First Year of Real Abundance

Phillip J. Watt, Contributor
Waking Times

When we live in a scarcity-based system it’s easy to believe that having abundance is near impossible, but that’s just because we’ve probably got the wrong idea of what true abundance actually is.

The ideologies that dominate our societal landscape – particularly operationally – have skewed our collective view on what’s important and what’s not. For example, our materialistic culture which has been deceived by the debunked pop philosophy of the same name has generated a plethora of issues which have distracted the masses from aligning with natural law, divine values and their true nature.

Simply, a huge proportion of the populace are in a constant state of suffering which is caused from a complex mix of self-abusive lifestyle choices, as well as the general challenges of living within the current era.

  • These problematic states of being include, but are not limited to:

    • enslavement to debt;
    • vanity and an obsession with one’s image;
    • fighting to just survive;
    • intergenerational poverty;
    • poverty of the mind and heart;
    • addictions to sugar, nutrition-scarce food, gambling, legal and illegal drugs etc;
    • obsessive fixations on other people’s lives, including celebrities;
    • unhealthy competition with each other;
    • greed and an imbalanced sense of entitlement;
    • a scarce sense of selflessness;
    • a deep ignorance of how reality works;
    • the quest for false power (control over others); and
    • poor physical, emotional, psychological, philosophical, behavioral, social, relationship, creative and spiritual health.

    Now of course all of these individual and societal illnesses are either a direct result of, or highly influenced by, the corporatocracy which exists today. The deep state and its oligarchical structure have hijacked the system with four primary methods of control, called the 4M’s. These are Money, Media, Medicine (including food) and Management (education and government).

    Essentially, we have a ruling class like we’ve always had, however to still operate they have to do so in the shadows, otherwise there would be an uprising like humanity has never seen before.

    Fortunately the independent media and its associated researchers, combined with more conscious people in general, have made strong progress in expanding the awareness of a very ignorant and apathetic citizenry. Slowly but surely the truth of our sick and twisted world is making its way into the understanding of greater numbers of people, leading towards a tipping point where it will be common knowledge within the collective consciousness of humanity.

    This is why the controllers of the propaganda press have been nervous, which has resulted in them circulating a meme on false information to further confuse a very dazed mainstream society.

    Yet regardless of this deceptive dictatorship and the toxicity it has unleashed on our local communities, our families and ourselves, never in our so-called ‘civilized’ story have we had such an opportunity to be free. This is the first time where access to available information is virtually unlimited, so with the right judgment, we can properly inform ourselves on what’s truly healthy and beneficial for our existence and then translate that education into action.

    The catch is of course that we have to choose that path with persistence. Given the alternative is being subjected to the many issues we see in abundance today, it really is an easy decision.

    So why aren’t more people choosing to live authentically? There are probably as many reasons as there are people, but it can be generally captured through the concepts of ‘the herd mentality’, ‘cognitive dissonance’, ‘trauma’, Stockholm syndrome’, ‘brainwashing’ and ‘laziness’. In summary, most people just don’t understand that they can actually live a truly abundant life if they simply choose to.

    The consumerist template we’ve been born into in the Western World has distracted most people from even contemplating it, even if they experience ongoing suffering which leads to a permanent existential crisis. That’s because we’re hard-wired from an early age to believe that we need lots of money to live an abundant life, and to do that we need a successful career where we have to compete with each other for the scarce supply of money.

    Either that, or find yourself a sugar daddy or mummy.

    Moreover, all this unhealthy competitiveness means that we might win on one level, but at what cost? For starters, its always at the expense of another, opening a Pandora’s box of valueless social interactions and justifications for behavior which contradicts the golden rule. Then of course we will likely sacrifice our time, energy, health and sometimes even our heartbeat just to stay in the race with the rats.

    And even if we do make it to retirement, an anomalous amount of people die shortly after. This is most likely because of a loss in a sense of purpose, so the subconscious mind shuts down because it doesn’t know what to do with itself, and/or the accumulated stress from all those exhausting years finally washes over the body, causing it to crash.

    In any case, it’s unavoidable that we need money to survive so the aim should be to find a healthy, happy and creative way to acquire it.

    Moving back to the point of the story though; what is abundance?

    From a social system point of view, instead of fighting to survive, we live to thrive. This can only be achieved by moving beyond a scarcity-based monetary model so that all of humanity’s basic needs are provided by a decentralized, community based operating system. One name for this is the resource-based economy, where a no-ruler anarchist approach can reign supreme.

    This appears to be inevitable anyway because many jobs that currently require humans to perform will soon be executed by computers, machinery and/or robotics. Love it or hate it, that’s the era we’ve now entered, so there won’t be anywhere near enough work to go round.

    Now of course that doesn’t mean we needn’t contribute anything back, because there will always be a need for relationship management, creative endeavor and other services. The difference is that how we give to our community can be primarily meaningful, strength-based, versatile and time fair.

    In addition, technology isn’t a bad thing anyway; from the first fire starting tool all the way through to the advancements we have today, it can make our lives easier and more fruitful if used appropriately. Therefore, liberating humans from slave labor and mundane daily existences, so that purposeful activities driven by passion and creativity can flow freely, is clearly a wise maneuver into the future.

    Yet to do this with respect and justice for our natural systems there needs to be a substantial shift in the collective perception of what it means to live an abundant life. Instead of an abundance of tangibles, which will further the current consumption of our planetary resources at a highly unsustainable rate, we need to focus on an abundance of intangibles.

    To illustrate this, the best example would be the opposite of the final issue mentioned above, which means that to truly live an abundant existence we’ll need a rich tapestry of physical, emotional, psychological, philosophical, behavioral, social, relationship, creative and spiritual health. Of course to achieve this it is necessary to have highly healthy food, medicine and other life fundamentals, but ultimately there is no material substitute for any of these aspects to human life.

    In the next article, we’ll unpack what this looks like. For a heads up though, it’s both easier and more challenging than what we might think.

    So as we begin twenty seventeen where internal and external toxicity runs rampant through our global society, make it your agenda to be a true leader to yourself – as well as a true rebel to the system – by providing an abundance of health for your mind, body and spirit. After all, nobody is going to do it for you, but you.

    And you’ll never stop thanking yourself either.

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