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Counted in heartbeats

The core fundamental of the third dimension is Duality. Everything pulses on and off. Our lives and those of the four leggeds, the plant nations, are all counted in heartbeats. Even stone has a pulse…otherwise it could not manifest in our awareness. If you gaze at nature you will see after a little practice that the canvas of trees, rolling hills and sky is actually pixelated and made up of tiny pulses similar to the pulsing of a blank tv screen.

The seven octaves

Within the pulse are seven levels or octaves. Five of the levels belong to the sense bound matrix mind. The service to self individuals that carry out the programmed agenda of the hive consciousness. The hive mind or status quo mentality are completely controlled by an AI although they appear to be human. The matrix clones are selfish, narcissistic, the takers and destroyers of life – spiritless machines that are the storm troops of the matrix.

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On the other side of the coin are those of the opposite polarity. People who serve others. This positive polarity should have access to all seven octaves…. but we don’t do we? Why is that?

Spiritual castration

  • We have been spiritually castrated by design…because if we had our spiritual eyes open we would see the truth about this sacrificial reality immediately. The game of ‘me versus you’ and ‘us versus them’ would be over. And, once discovered the cowardly parasite and its minions would flee into the void from whence they came. The third dimension would collapse. There would be no conflict zone, no foe or battlefields for the matrix machines to war on….and no Loosh for the parasite to feed on.

    The Loosh Rote

    “(Death as the Creator) resolved to devour all that he had created; for he eats all. . . He is the eater of the whole universe; this whole universe is his food.” (Mahabharata)

    According to OBE expert Robert Monroe our creators are cosmic energy farmers. The ‘fallen angels’ created the construct of the third dimension, a violent world red in tooth and claw as an energy food farm. To the owners of the ‘human farm’ we are just batteries of energy to be drained. They feed on our emotional energy, the frequencies of fear, pain, terror and misery.  See  Watch the link and Meet the Firm.

    Diametrically opposed frequencies

    “The Principle of Polarity embodies the truth that all manifested things have two sides; two aspects; two poles; a pair of opposites with manifold degrees between the two extremes.” The Kybalion.

    In our reality, one side of the pole is the machine matrix mind and on the other side of the pole are Source connected beings. Naturally with such diametrically opposed frequencies there will be conflict. All aspects of life from paedophilia to animal cruelty foments the battle between Divine frequency versus a sense bound machine. And it is all by design.

    Dropping the ball of conflict

    The owners of the construct use their shock troops to hurt those of the heart. Their actions are there to cause a reaction …a conflict. When we realise that life on earth is a demonic game in play, it makes sense to drop the ball and no longer provide emotional energy for the parasite to feed on. This is not a cop out. It is a spiritual move. And, of extreme importance to the translation of our personal energy into a higher frequency at the end of the Age.

    Spiritual path

    We can with intent switch back on our spiritual centres. And, in my opinion the most revelatory of all practices is sungazing per the protocols. Connecting with the source of all life is an amazing journey. Not the yellow sun that blazes down, but the blue sun behind it. Yellow and blue are opposite polarities: fake and real.

    Intuition tells me than in our true realm we were solar powered beings.

    In the hermetic woodcutting we see the green lion – symbol of the heart devouring the fake sun. A lot of esoteric understanding is to be gleaned from this piece of wisdom art. See my article:

    Natural psychedelics can open up our awareness and let us glimpse other realms of being. That’s why they are illegal.(Grins) Don’t want the herd to know there is a spiritual reality beyond the grind and oppression of 3D.

    There are all forms of meditation, kundalini exercises, yoga etc. They all have their merits. But it takes a brave soul to approach a one on one relationship with the source of all life in this dimension. After all, we are being engineered to be afraid of the sun. The propaganda about the dangers of sun bathing, sundancing and sungazing have reached hyper stage. Most people won’t even go outside unless they are covered in toxic sunblock. It’s ridiculous.

    It may be that the demonising of the sun is for a different reason. It is the end of the Age and we need all the spiritual help we can get to access our 6th and 7th chakras. When we are entrained by the sun, time, space and identity disappear and in the quiet mind we can access sun waveform information. Information that is contrary to our programming…things they don’t want us to know.

    Sonic re-patterning

    “May all that has been reduced to noise in you, become music again.”

    Sonic re-patterning using sound is a valuable tool to defrag our chakra system, strip away our traumas and our fears. Once the crystallized trauma in our energy centres is cleared we vibrate faster. See my article:

    Humane diet

    A humane diet is probably the most important spiritual move we can make in terms of personal frequency. There is no greater anchor into density than eating a decaying corpse saturated with fear vibrations. I think this is self evident for the true spiritual seeker.

    And so it begins…..

    Chaotic times are coming and we must be spiritually prepared to face many difficult challenges. The unthinkable is now happening and the virus is just the hors d’oeuvres before the main assault on consciousness. Life as we know it has changed forever.

    In my article Aquarius Rising I talked about Uranus’s 7 year transit through the fixed earth sign of Taurus. 1935-42. The Great depression; mass unemployment, riots. The rise of national socialism and ww2. Uranus is back in Taurus 2018 -2025. We are entering a mega economic depression; millions are unemployed; race riots are breaking out in major cities and right on cue, the drums of war are beating. History is on repeat because the matrix is a machine, a computer programme that plays the same game over and over again just dressed up in different clothes.

    More uncomfortable news

    To add to our misery, we have to deal with an ever deepening Grand Solar Minimum, increasing UV radiation causing ice nucleation, floods and huge snow and hail events. A magnetic pole reversal is imminent and a mini ice age on the way. The problem will be chronic food shortages and off the charts hyperinflation.  But it is what it is and we must prepare ourselves….

    For those without the refuge of spiritual reality the future looks bleak. They will either perish from war and starvation or be compelled into the new order… the linking of human awareness to the machine mind for the next round of the game by way of a micro chip delivered through vaccines.

    It is interesting that Rudolf Steiner the philosopher and mystic foresaw a time when a vaccine would be used to sever our link with Source Creator Energy.

    Every dark cloud has a silver lining

    We all face a turbulent and uncertain future. Negative events are happening so fast it is natural for us to feel bewildered and anxious. At such times, it is good to remember that we have been drawn to this uncomfortable but liberating information for a reason. We are not alone – spiritual reality is real and shows itself through synchronicity. It maybe through resonance and intent we can forge a new time line. So, let us put on the whole armour of Source Creator so we can withstand the evil day.

    Much love to you all.

    Stay tuned in the heart – no fear.

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