Lost in the Snowy White Limbo?

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This is the time of year when we can wind down, go to the starry night within, and get a feeling of our human experience: contemplating this holographic, mathematical universe of which we are one tiny fraction, and yet the entire whole. Have humans ever had this awareness before… of our infinitesimal smallness and our incredible greatness? I suspect so… many times… likely extending far beyond what we are exploring.

The story is that we are now an advanced civilization, but of course many of us know better. I would suspect that deep down, unconsciously perhaps, nearly all of us know better. This is not civilization. What is it? It is an anti-life structure controlling a greatly distressed human population: facing the unknown, we are within a time of evolutionary change.

Lost in limbo seems a good description of our condition at the moment. I admit… I do a lot of looking and exploring into our condition. We think of possibilities and ask ourselves, “Could this be true, could that be true.” It’s interesting to me, to see how far the exploring goes. Boy can we ever go… we can join others in the numerous and increasingly far corners of fear; or we can retreat with like minds into the many closets of escapism.

Let’s pause in the center of ourselves and step back a few steps. Stretch out and listen up. Here we get an impression of a ‘pulling in all directions’ collective consciousness. And what is going on in the unconscious? What is the information we pick up non-verbally that sits in the dark, further feeds the freak-out, and drives the exploration?

  • Here is the thunderous vibe: This reality I’m in is scary as hell. We’re overcome by deceit… we have no real, true information. Why does everybody seem to know something but nobody knows enough?

    Here is the unasked question: does this vast holographic, mathematical universe, of which we are all one tiny fraction, with each tiny fraction containing the whole, know enough?

    When information resonates with what we can verify, we take it to heart. If we’re fortunate, we might actually realize we’re on track… our own inner track. It may be hard work, and it may take dedication, resolve and sacrifice, but we don’t feel so lost. Our experiences validate the direction, synchronicity blesses with a ‘thumbs up’, and we keep going.

    Intentionally evolving human beings are heroic, although I’m sure they never feel like heroes… just ordinary people dedicated to the journey out of limbo.

    The other day one of the young people in my life sat down with me and said, “People would be much happier if someone could or would just tell them what to do.” He expressed a yearning for a guidebook on what to do, you know, instructions… go to this place, set yourself up in this way, prepare for this, teach your children this, study and learn this. He wanted it to be a ‘I Know What’s Coming’ guidebook.

    Well, we can find countless guidebooks. All of the religious books, the spiritual books, the survivalist books, philosophy books, the ‘here’s what a prophet said’ books, the scientific expert books; or the channeled messages, or the interpretation of the cards, or the message of the guru, or the leader’s speech, and on and on.

    My young friend needs what all young men and women born into this incredibly evolutionary time need… clarity and direction. Can we give that to them, or is clarity and direction a state of mind that only the individual can come to on their own?

    Before we attempt to answer that, let’s pause for a moment and talk about limbo. Somebody saw it as a state of existence or consciousness, gave it a name and defined it, and it became part of the language… understood by consensus. Considering only the non-religious definition, limbo is an unknown intermediate place or condition between two extremes. Unknown explains the panic of limbo; intermediate explains the drive to explore: if this is intermediate, then we can get out of here.

    A few days ago there was a moment when I logged on to Facebook and glanced at the posts. These posts are supposedly the expressions of what matters to people. As my eyes ran down the page, I combined them all together and all I could feel was hectic chaos and strife. Then I scrolled down a bit further and my eyes fell on an image with the words, “I have great belief in the fact that whenever there is chaos, it creates wonderful thinking. I consider chaos a gift.” It was a quote from Septima Clark, an African American civil rights activist.

    Wonderful thinking! We are capable of that.

    If it is true that we are tiny parts of a vast force that we could refer to as ‘All That Is’, or ‘The God Force’, or ‘The Divinity’, what power do we have with which to effect change? Do we have as much power as the ones who created this current reality? One would think so, and quite a lot more… especially if we raise our energy to the degree that it becomes aligned with the light, or the faster vibrating energies.

    Limitless power to create reality… who has that? Could it be WE?

    The world is shaped by human intent, imagination, belief and creation. Yes things are bad, but why would we resign our power now… at the very moment when a magnificent idea waits to be born?

    Okay, now let’s return to the young man seeking clarity and direction. He has a dream of being part of a group of young people who build a sustainable, off-grid community wherein they raise children, create schools, create beauty and abundance and grow in knowledge. In his dream he is doing this with others of like spirit… ones who know that they are, individually, parts of the God Force… ones who live according to that knowledge: a love yourself, love your brothers and sisters group of creators. Here nobody is king… all are divine.

    He has the intent, he is imagining, and the more he gets into it, the more he is believing… which places his imagination into ‘reality waiting to be experienced’. Next comes creation. Will he, and synchronicity, bring this about? I have no doubt that ‘like spirits’ find each other. As we can see, clarity and direction are emerging for him, and he did it himself. His dream is a small, beautiful return to loving life. A flow in the direction of balance.

    Yes, the collective consciousness is in chaos… filled with dread. If we accept the appearance that ‘they’ have the power and for us ‘all is lost’ then for those who accept it, it’s their world. I refuse to accept as true and final any such notion.

    Let’s give birth to our magnificent ideas, small or great. We already intend a world with the peace and beauty we cherish, so let’s imagine it, see ourselves living what we imagine in reality, and then create it as brothers and sisters. Let the light be strengthened in us during these long nights. The system of control is not in love with life, but we can be… eternally.

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