Limitation or Infinite Potentiality?

Matthew Christodoulou
Collective Evolution

When we let go of what defines us in all aspects as a human being and how we need to function on the planet, we are no longer attached and enslaved to playing the game of life that we have created and believe we need to continue to create. The game of creating and experiencing the belief systems attached to these definitions and feeling that we have to stay this way because “it’s just the way it is”, it’s our “natural” state or a fear of the unknown for not knowing what’s next because we’ve never gone beyond the ego mind within these physical bodies. It frees us and opens us up to a world of infinite possibility, our true natural creator state. This state is a state of true freedom beyond the ego mind and how we have programmed our experience on Earth thus far. As long as we are operating from stories in the mind that define our experience, we are limiting ourselves and our creative potential.

The key in moving forward is to really start observing ourselves and all of which we define ourselves as. We are all one, and it is the “I” that we hear in our minds that we have become identified with and use as a reference point to create our experience as a human. This is how the ego works. It takes in information from birth and stores it, from there it projects a reality based on this information of what it’s learned. It has come to a point where it’s evolved into different fragments and has become self-learning. It’s also designed for protection and survival. So as long as we are identified with the ego, we will think that we are this information, we are the stories, and we need to protect ourselves and be living in survival mode.

Let’s take a look at some examples of the definitions that the ego plays with:

Identifications with our physical form:

– “I am Dick, Harry or Jane.”

– “I am a male or a female.”

– “I am the human body.”

Identifications within the family nomad:

– “I am a mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt, uncle, etc”

Identifications through culture:

– “I am black, white, brown”

– “I am Canadian or American”

– “I am Muslim of Christian or Jewish”

Now these are just examples and there are many more that can be touched upon. But we can use these to look at them and reflect upon them within our own life experience and see how it resonates with us. There’s all sorts of belief systems attached to what it means to be a male or female. Judgements, expectations, categorizations, needs, etc. And this goes for all the other definitions as well. Do they need to be there and do we need to hold on to them? Absolutely not. So we can look at them as see how they limit us. Our natural state is not to be stagnant. It’s to be expansive. To play and create and be constantly expanding our awareness of self through the learning experiences that each of us have taken on through the life that we chose to have when and wherever we came onto the planet. We’re here to wrap all of this up. We’re here to purge the ways of the old so that we no longer have to be limited by our definitions of self and the way that all aspects of this experience must function.

Although we’ve agreed at the soul level to take part in this shift and make it happen, we’re all being faced with the choice now to let it go. This is the challenge that we agreed to.  We’re moving into an energy and consciousness that won’t support extreme limitation and lower energies. This is why it’s being purged. We have all the choice to make. To continue to operate and experience the limitation of fear and separation, or we can let it go and move forward into a more natural state of expansive, playful consciousness where anything is possible. Absolutely anything!

Many are feeling right now this push to move forward. What is the ideal way to go about the transition? The key is neutral observation. As souls, we are non-judgemental and see everything from a neutral viewpoint as everything is just an experience when we have no stories in the mind defining it. When we experience something such as anger for example, have the experience fully but make a point of not harming someone. If you have to hit a pillow or whatever go for it. Go into it and feel it and then afterwards look at it. Ask yourself why you were angry. Look at what story comes up. Was there an expectation  or a judgement that caused you to react in that way? A need for control of yourself or others? This is what we need to observe. The stories are the programs of the ego. When we look at it however, it loses power as the identification dissolves because we see it as just a story and not who we are.  Once we see the story we have the choice to let it go.  Once we let it go the program no longer has any power over us and we are free to play outside of the confines of that story. This can be used for all stories and all experiences within the purging state that we’re in.

Ask the question:

Am I serving myself and others in moving forward?

Am I creating fear or in a state of peace, neutrality and unconditional love?

Do I want to experience limitation or infinite potentiality?

No, thanks!