The Law of Assumption

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Although there has been a significant amount of emphasis on the Law of Attraction, I believe the Law of Assumption is really the cornerstone in creating your reality. Under the Law of Assumption, the world that you see depends not so much as what is there but the assumptions you make when you look at it. Your assumptions are that which you believe, feel, think and consent to.

All of your experiences are determined by your assumptions and it is how you are using your imagination that is driving these assumptions to create your state of being. For an assumption will build of bridge of incidents that lead inevitably to the fulfillment of your image of your conscious or unconscious desires.

For many of us our thoughts are mechanical and because we are asleep to the power of our imagination, we have a tendency of negating everything and believing that everything outside of ourselves is fact. Our continual negative thinking causes downward emotions and these pessimistic emotions keep us locked into unwanted experiences. Here is a simplistic example. If you believe that people have no manners and are rude, you will usually encounter these types of people throughout the day to validate your assumptions. Someone will step in front of you in line. Someone will not hold the door for you. Someone will bump you on the sidewalk and look at you as if you did something wrong.

  • When we awaken to the power of our imagination, we can direct our assumptions along a more positive path and in doing so move our emotions in an upward direction. When your emotions are flowing positively, you will discover that your world changes to match your concept of yourself. It does so because the mind arranges an image of all you believe and consent to as true.

    In order to work constructively with the Law of Assumption, you have to understand the difference between how the spiritual and physical world work. In the physical or outer world, we have a tendency of saying, ‘this is reality’ or ‘this is how it is’. We know the world through our mental senses and we have a tendency of having a fixed view of it. This objective view will always reflect back to you your inner state of being.

    It is through the spiritual level or inner world that you have transforming power. Through the conscious use of your imagination, you can subjectively appropriate your objective reality. In other words, your assumptions places you psychologically where you are not physically and when the inner being knows that state of being it will project it into your reality.

    So how do you work with the Law of Assumption? You first have to have a desire or aim in life. Once you have determined what it is you want; you need to go within and clothe your desire in your imagination. Give it all the feelings of reality and play with your imagination until you capture the emotional state of being.

    Throughout the day, check in with your status. Ask yourself: Where am I psychologically? Am I riding the desired state of being or am I viewing my world in the negative? Am I keeping the tense? By this I mean, how are you using the words, ‘I am’? Are you in the present moment or are you saying, ‘I will be…” or ‘I am going to…’? Bring yourself constantly back to the moment and allow yourself to appropriate the feelings of the state desired. Do it often. You have the power to rearrange your mind therefore changing your reality. Begin it now.

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