Just Get There, Whatever You Do

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As is often said, there are many ways up the mountain. The same can be said for ways of escape. That’s a bit more defensive and reactive, but such is the reality in this remarkable time we’re living in right now.

Just get there.

All of this going on around us now is happening before we can even begin to identify what it is we’re going through or where we’re headed. It’s very much like we’re flying over and around new rocks in a raging cataract and shooting down even more unexpected rapids.

In less turbulent times, grasping what’s going on is usually possible to some degree and we’re used to having that luxury. But no longer. We’re being swept into new and exciting places with some sort of cosmic urgency.

And we just need to flow with it.

  • Feeling for It

    The beauty of losing control is that our heads and minds can’t get in the way. It’s too late and too immediate for that. We might have a few instinctive reflexes to try to keep our balance and heads above water but our old footing is gone. Completely gone.

    And that’s a good thing – a real good thing.

    Some are clinging to the shore as if they can find something to hang on to, but the riverbank too is giving way to this growing deluge of truth as even the shores cave in and into the maelstrom they too will soon be drawn. As everyone knows, panicking in a rip current or trying to swim upstream or directly to shore in a strong undertow is not only futile, but deadly. It’s a time to keep our wits about us and use the natural currents to our advantage, even though we’ll certainly find shore again at some unknown, distant destination.

    It’s nothing to fear, but an adventure to be enjoyed.

    And if the fast moving tides of change haven’t swept you up yet, perhaps even swim out to meet them. You can feel something drawing you, something magical even. Why not venture out into the deep? The water’s fine and coming your way anyway.

    Too Fast and Too Furious – For Whom?

    This is where the heart comes in. Fear is the killer – and the antidote is trust.

    Our self identity is so intensely tested in times of change such as these – or any other for that matter. It’s just that this is clearly quite intense and believe it or not will only get stronger as this phase unfolds.

    We’re each on a quest, as reluctant as we may be at times. What beckons each and every human being is an illusive calling to fulfill something greater than themselves.

    Such is the true nature of humanity at large. We innately seek a greater understanding of this underlying influence that seemingly longs to direct our minds, our attention and our energy, despite the worldly influences that pound and surround us. The true underlying beautiful reality is that our hearts are astoundingly more powerful.

    Keep the Overview

    From a conscious overview it’s clear what’s going on now within the big picture. The game plan has been clearly outlined for centuries, and even more articulately in recent decades and years, for anyone paying attention.

    The advancement of a full on control grid is something we all have to deal with. A very large part of this program is the electromagnetic invasion of our lives. It works in concert with the ongoing transhuman, geoengineering and genetic modification agenda. These are very serious influences that are attempting to change our lives in extremely profound ways in order to destabilize us and steer us into submission.

    We can live above all of these machinations while still feeling them, which is why the clarion call to conscious awareness. Others may not ostensibly pick up these mechanisms but anyone with spiritual sensitivity and is aware of their altering condition will clearly identify these influences.

    It’s a time to be awake and aware like never before. Just recognizing and identifying these external forces is extremely empowering. When we detach and view from a fully conscious perspective everything makes sense.

    Otherwise their objective is achieved. You feel lost. But all of that is nothing more than a mirage.

    Stay found. And grounded in truth.

    Be strong. And just get there, whatever it takes. It doesn’t matter what it is we’re each up against and is required of us. We’re in this together and will continue to climb and thrive. Find the way laid before you and keep climbing. That’s essentially all that matters. From there we have greater vision and perspective and will understand our next move.

    Never doubt that. You, me, all of us, truly are the awakening and the answer for humanity.

    Let’s fulfill it together.


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