Hypercarbolization – Awakening Our Infinite Potential

Adam Lanka, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

Whether we are aware of it or not, the energy of every being in the universe is perpetually undergoing an amazing and magical transformation. Anyone that has been sucked into the energy vortex of Terrence McKenna is aware of hypercarbolization, referring to the rapidity of the process, which I also like to refer to as crystallization. This is the process that we as humanity like to refer to as our journey, our individual paths, the roads we all take through our lives as we grow and change, to a lower or higher energy spectrum.

This is the mechanical process of the purification of energy, the removal of all of the factors and variables that are blocking the full and complete expression of our energy in the universe. This is the ancient alchemical process of purifying and changing our vessels. This is the source that all energy practices, Yoga, Johrei, Reiki, meditation, martial arts, all tap into and try to fully unlock. Carbolization is the manner in which we reawaken the full spectrum of vibration of our energy, and unlock our infinite nature.

Just like the electrons that are a fundamental building block of all atoms and matter, our energy also jumps between different higher and lower energy levels. When the energy and frequency of a particle is high enough, it is vibrating so rapidly that it is able to break through the force barrier, the invisible energy threshold that keeps it in its orbit, or holds it in its energy spectrum. As our energy elevates and becomes a greater magnitude, the lower levels and spectrums cannot support the elevated, higher energy particles. They break free and come to occupy a new state, a higher energy level whose structure can support larger magnitudes of energy.

  • The process of carbolization is accompanied by numerous different physical phenomena. An auditory experience is one of the most common, where the process begins with a low hum. As the energy increases, and all particles start vibrating faster and faster with the new energies present, the sound changes in pitch, frequency, and intensity. The sound slowly crescendos and becomes louder as the pitch becomes higher, and the sound wave vibrates more rapidly. This continues growing on each level until it becomes a uniform and continuous piercing “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” sound. When the energy finally breaches the energy threshold, the tones reach a culmination and break through the barrier. The intense pressure in the tone is released, and accompanied by a sound of release, a peaceful and relaxing “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” that slows fades away.

    This process is mentioned and referred to throughout the different spiritual traditions of our planet. In Christianity and Judaism, this auditory phenomenon is described as ‘angelic, heavenly singing.’ Buddhists refer to it as the ‘Lion’s roar,’ or the crashing of the mighty Ohm. In Hinduism, it comes from the entity Kali and is called her ‘Makhala.’ This is also found in Shamanist and Druidic practices, where it is more closely recognized for what it is and doesn’t require another name.

    Physical phenomena include feelings of warmth and tingling throughout the body, of different magnitudes and strength at different stages of the carbolization process. The heat and vibration grow in intensity as the energy increases, all particles begin to vibrate in all degrees of freedom much more rapidly. Once the threshold between the energy levels is breached, the tingling and heat slowly dissipate and are replaced by a feeling of coolness. The warmth is many times referred to as the ‘inner fire,’ and is referenced in many different spiritual traditions.

    With carbolization comes greater and more comprehensive awareness of the energies and external forces present in any given moment. Given all of the current environmental variables, factors, and forces, this is the available spectrum through which we can express our energy. At much lower energy levels, the spectrum is much smaller, with less possible iterations and permutations. Our carbolization broadens this spectrum with every cycle, further increasing the possible and potential expressions, iterations, and incarnations of our energy in the now moment.

    As more and more of our infinite potential is awakened, amazing practices and possibilities open in front of our eyes. Through our higher spectrum of energy and awareness of the state of the universe, we can shape it by altering our now moment. Through the unbroken chain of now moments, the energy is evolving and flowing along a path or channel to any expression of energy, a given state of the universe. At lower energy spectrums, we can only reach states that are supported by our current energy spectrum. As we reawaken the infinite inside of us, the possibilities are endless.

    In conclusion, the process of hypercarbolization refers to the ever accelerating process of the elevation of our energy. We alter the particular state of our consciousness/existence/energy in the now moment to either increase or decrease the spectrum of expression of our energy within and without the matrix of the universe. Carbolization changes our energy structure so that we can express our energy in these higher magnitude energy states, or spectrums.

    This is the great awakening, the paradigm shift, the evolution and elevation of our species. We are freeing our energy to occupy more states in the universe, vibrate in higher spectrums, and express higher magnitudes of energy. It allows us to more completely and fully be, to free our energy, and unlock the infinite nature within us all.

    About the Author

    Adam Lanka, originally from North Carolina, is a traveling philosopher, energetic arts healer, and lightworker.  His passion and interest in the spiritual path has led him to many insightful revelations about religion, spirituality, and how to walk nobly in these modern times.  To learn more about Adam, please visit his website, Infinite Vibes, or his personal blog, The Wanderlust

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