How to Transform Your Dining Room with Nature’s Favorite Dining Tables

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It seems almost the entire world is finally on board with going green, but that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods. Everyone must continue to do their part to reduce landfill waste, emissions, and deforestation, and it is important to keep such things in mind when you are looking for new dining room furniture. 

Luckily, there are some very affordable dining table options that are sustainable, renewable, and/or recyclable. As you pick your way through these options, consider which ones will work best for your area. Not everyone has access to the same recycling opportunities, and if you are limited in such resources you should choose to go with dining tables of materials that can be easily renewed.

Here are some of the best options for your next eco-friendly dining table, and you can see environmentally-friendly discounted furniture.

Bamboo dining tables

Bamboo dining tables are much more durable than their lightweight nature implies. Bamboo is a very light material, but it is also very strong. Bamboo dining tables will last years, and when they are finally too broken down for use bamboo is completely biodegradable. You can find fantastic dining tables that are made of solid bamboo, or you can choose from those that offer a bamboo base with a glass top. When no longer in use the glass top could be recycled, if you have the means.

Rattan wicker dining tables

Rattan, while technically a grass, is one of the most durable materials available. While rattan alone is not much to scoff at, rattan woven into wicker furniture has been found in Egyptian tombs, durable and strong enough to sit in 3,000 years later. Although grass rattan wicker is far from light – the process of weaving the wicker furniture twists and layers the rattan, and it takes quite a bit to make one table. A rattan wicker table will have a glass top as well.

Metal base with glass top

The simplest of dining tables has a metal base with a glass top. These are among some of the cheapest dining room sets, but they are fairly eco-friendly in that the entire thing can usually be recycled. If you don’t have a metal recycling facility nearby, you might not want to go with this option. When not sent to a recycling center, metal dinging tables will just join other waste in the landfills.

Solid hardwoods are always an option

With the amount of time it takes to replenish a forest after it has been looted for wood for homes, furniture, and other uses, most people wouldn’t think to consider solid hardwoods as a sustainable dining table. But in truth, these can be considered eco-friendly in that an heirloom-quality polished cherry or oak dining table will last lifetimes, and that means fewer furniture purchases within your family. That durability alone is worth the extra cost, but online furniture stores make them fairly affordable. 

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