Healthcare Workers Warn that Mandatory Vaccines Are Already Here

Jordan Sather, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Since the passage of California State Bill 792, or the “Mandatory Vaccination Law,’ concerned citizens around the country have been publicly voicing their discontent with the notion of forced vaccines. Now, professional healthcare workers are warning us that an insidious form of mandatory vaccines are already here, and in a recent video, nurse Lauren Atkinson, from Georgia, shares her troubling story of how hospitals are threatening the jobs of healthcare workers who refuse the flu vaccine.  

Citing Obamacare as the primary driver of an initiative to vaccinate 90% of all hospital healthcare workers for the flu, Atkinson explains how nurses en masse are complying with this rule, even though they may disagree with the idea of injecting potentially risky and useless chemicals into their bodies, out of fear of being fired. They are afraid to lose their jobs. 

  • She points out that of all the vaccines available today, the flu vaccine is the least effective because the flu is a virus that is constantly mutating and changing, therefore, a vaccine for any particular strain is highly unlikely to protect you from the latest mutation.

    “The flu is an RNA replicating virus,” she states, “since the flu is an RNA replicating virus, it is different every season, so you can’t make a vaccine for it.” It is no secret that the flu shot is largely ineffective at preventing the contraction and spread of the flu, and as some experts suggest, it may be less than 50% effective.

    Furthermore, Atkinson highlights the issue of vaccine safety, noting that one of the vaccines being recommended this year for healthcare workers is FluBlok, a new genetically modified vaccine derived from insect DNA. She adds that a number of poisons and detergents used as ingredients in vaccines, saying, “it is impossible to make vaccines without massive amounts of detergents and preservatives.”

    Watch her testimony, here:


    Healthcare workers are being given a dreadful ultimatum: take the shot or lose your job.

    Furthermore, in the following video, nurse Tina gives her testimony on how vaccines are becoming mandatory, hoping to warn the American public that a soft form of mandatory vaccines for adults is already here.

    She tells us that as healthcare workers, they are required to ask any and every new hospital patient if they have had the flu vaccine or the pneumococcal vaccine, and if the answer is negative, then the nurse must enter this into the computer which automatically schedules these vaccines for the patient, without even having to notify a doctor. A patient can refuse these vaccines if they wish, however, this is a roundabout way of tricking and pressuring people into receiving an injection that may be entirely unrelated to the purpose of the hospital visit.

    Take a look for yourself, here.


    Forced vaccinations violates the human right to refuse treatment, and are a direct assault on personal liberty and personal sovereignty. In no way is it ethical, moral, or justifiable for a bureaucracy to decide what enters your body.

    If the general population continues to blindly follow orders and vaccination by threat and deceit are allowed to continue, then we are only a few slippery steps away from the implementation of other forced programs, such as a RFID chipping, mandatory mental health screening and medicating, and who knows what else.

    As nurse Atkinson points out, hospitals simply cannot afford to lose even a small percentage of their nurses over this, which is why widespread noncompliance is imperative. If there is a mass refusal of policies like these, programs like this will fail, but if only a few people have the courage to say ‘no,’ then we can only expect this type of medical tyranny to get worse.

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