Free Doughnuts Given For Vaccine And Mask Compliance

Dr. Mercola, Guest
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Evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic was being used to herd us into a new paradigm where personal freedom is obliterated was presented in a March 2020 Newspunch article,1 which noted that “The world as we know it will change forever in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Bill Gates, who declared that we will soon have ‘digital certificates’ to display our health and vaccination status.”

At the time, Gates also announced the “need” for a national health tracking system, and that positive tests for infectious disease must be publicly identifiable so that people will know to maintain social distance from infectious individuals.

As Newspunch noted,2 “If history repeats, it will go from being technology adopted for its ‘convenience and safety’ and then overnight will become mandatory for you and your family — or else.”

Now, 12 months later, we’re seeing warnings of the “or else” everywhere we look. In February 2021, Israel paved the way by restricting access to gyms, pools, hotels and sporting venues to vaccinated-only,3 thereby effectively segregating unvaccinated individuals from portions of society. Most countries are openly discussing the very real possibility of following suit.

  • Free Doughnuts Given for Vaccine Compliance

    Many private companies are also considering limiting their services to vaccinated-only patrons, although most have realized you catch more bees with honey than vinegar. Case in point: As of March 22, 2021, Krispy Kreme shops around the U.S. will dole out free doughnuts to patrons who can prove they’ve received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.4

    Proving they’re not stingy when it comes to handing out special privileges, the offer will last to the end of the year. In other words, if you got the shot, you can enjoy a free doughnut every day for the remainder of 2021. If you’ve got your vaccination card and wear a mask too, you get a free medium-sized gourmet coffee of your choice as well.

    To make sure the unvaccinated dregs won’t feel discriminated against, those who choose to not get the shot will be given a free consolation doughnut on Mondays between March 29 and May 24 “to help kick start a good week,” to quote NBC News, which isn’t even being the least sarcastic in its reporting.5

    Unvaccinated patrons who comply with proper mask wearing will receive their choice of a Krispy Kreme-branded “I’m a Life Saver” sticker or “Wear It With Pride” pin on their way out, any day of the week during that same time period.

    The next phase of collaboration will allow direct injections at Krispy Kreme and other fast food participating retail establishments.  You will soon be able to drive-thru and get an injection in one arm while eating your free doughnut or free French fries with the other.

    Enticing Health Trap

    From a health professional’s standpoint, it must be noted that the free doughnut offer is as devious as a sheep in wolf’s clothing, seeing how indulging in sugar and linoleic acid is a recipe for maximizing any ill effects from the virus and vaccine alike by ruining mitochondrial health. Doughnuts are probably the absolute most harmful “food” there is, and a surefire way to make sure your week starts off in the worst possible way.

    It didn’t take long for us to realize that COVID-19 claims the lives of the old, frail and already sick, a vast majority of deaths occurring in those with two or more comorbidities, including obesity and diabetes. So, a doughnut-a-day diet for all is unlikely to drive the virus into oblivion.

    As reported in “The Type of Fat You Eat Affects Your COVID Risk,” the amount of unsaturated fat you eat may have a direct impact on your risk of COVID-19 complications as well. This matters, seeing how COVID-19 vaccines are not designed to prevent infection or spread of the virus. Whether you’re vaccinated or not, you can still get COVID-19. The only difference is that the vaccine may lessen your symptoms.

    Obeying Repeat Liars — Your Public Duty?

    If you’re wondering why people are getting vaccinated against a virus that has an average survival rate of 99.74%,6 or why mask-wearing continues to be “a thing” despite being proven ineffective for viruses in virtually every published study, you clearly have not understood your public duty, which is to trust the experts — even if they’re repeatedly proven wrong or caught lying on a regular basis.

    They’re experts for a reason; they’ve been properly trained to dispense advice. And, while erring is human, their expertise will still trump anything you might come up with on your own. Or so the reasoning goes.

    The idea of billions of people thinking and making decisions for themselves, going in every-which direction, is a recipe for irreversible chaos — societal breakdown, even.

    As reported by political scientist Tom Nichols in his Atlantic article,7 “Following Your Gut Isn’t the Right Way to Go,” experts have had “a rough year” in terms of teasing out the facts, so despite all their faults, “We still have to trust them.” The idea of billions of people thinking and making decisions for themselves, going in every-which direction, is a recipe for irreversible chaos — societal breakdown, even. He writes:

    “My gut instincts are much like those of any other American. When my wife and I became eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations in our state, we plowed through different locations and times trying to capture an appointment.

    When we finally nailed down a date, I blurted out, as if it mattered: ‘Which vaccine is it?’ I immediately ran through questions in my head. Do I trust the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine? Do I prefer one shot to two? Are Moderna’s data more reliable than Pfizer’s? Perhaps most important: Do I have any idea what I am talking about? …

    The answer is no. I do not have any idea what I’m talking about when it comes to vaccines … but my knowledge doesn’t really matter. My wife’s doctor cut right to the chase when she told us (using those palpitation-inducing words ‘Given your age and risk factors’) to take whatever’s available, and that’s what we’re going to do …

    When the pandemic recedes … we’ll need to recover some perspective and learn once again when to put aside gut instincts and listen to the people who know what they’re doing … I have confidence in the educational and scientific infrastructure that created them.

    This belief is the crux of the matter. Sometimes, experts and their institutions fail. But people who believe that medical schools, research institutions, peer review, and lab trials — in other words, the entire structure of modern science — have all failed or become corrupted are beyond the reach of reason …”

    Medical Compliance = Freedom from Persecution

    You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “the new normal” being tossed about. Part of that new normal is the concept that medical compliance guarantees you freedom from persecution. It’s simple, really. If you want no trouble, follow the rules and stop arguing about right and wrong.

    As reported in “‘Papers, Please’: Vaccine Passports Have Officially Arrived,” it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be asked to prove your vaccination status in order to carry on with your daily life, and you should be thankful there are big tech geniuses out there who can ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use of such a system.

    In all likelihood, it won’t take long before you won’t even need to carry such proof. It’ll be securely embedded somewhere in your body, so forgetfulness won’t ever cause a problem.

    The alternative is a life spent within the four walls of your private abode, and who wants that? Besides, it’ll only be a decade or less before private ownership rights are abolished and you’ll be relegated to a portable cot in public sleeping quarters. Who knows where you’ll end up if you don’t have your health verification papers?

    This direction was dictated by the World Economic Forum8 years ago, so you’d best start thinking about the benefits of behavioral modification now. Again, ownership requires good sense, which the average person doesn’t have, so all ownership must, and shall, be transferred to experts who best know how to distribute goods and services in an equitable fashion.

    Twisted Predictions Come True

    If you sense a heightened level of sarcasm in this article, you’d be correct. After all, today is April 1, and this is my annual April Fool’s Day installment where I’ve used this day as a warning about where we are have been headed over the years.

    I’ve upset many people, who were scared by reading the articles and felt deceived by the April Fool’s prank.  The sad reality, though, is that these have been warnings to be taken seriously and make you think.

    Just read our April Fool’s predictions from 2014, “US to Ban Raw Meat Sales“, the 2015, “US Government Rolls Out Mandatory Adult Vaccination and Tracking Program,” the 2017 “FixBit Promises to Revolutionize Medicine by Detecting Deficiencies and Delivering Drugs by Drone,” the 2019 “Federal Government Mandates Vaccine Reeducation Camps — The Dystopian Future Has Arrived,” or last year’s “New App Requires Reporting of People Sneezing or Coughing,” and see how they’ve held up.

    If you go back and read the comments on these articles, there were many that objected to the articles as being too farfetched. As it turns out, most of these satirical predictions have actually manifested:

    In 2014, I predicted that raw meat would be banned.   Bill Gates just recently announced his plans to push for regulations to force rich countries to eat fake meat.

    • In 2015, I joked about the rollout of a mandatory adult vaccination and electronic tracking program; that Twitter and Facebook posts would be monitored for anti-vaccine chatter; and that Americans would be urged to relinquish responsibility for personal health and well-being to appointed health officials — Check, check and check!

    In 2017, I imagined an automated medical monitoring and drug delivery system called “FixBit.” Today, we’re not far off. Embeddable monitoring devices and drug delivery systems exist. They just haven’t become ubiquitous.

    In 2019, I joked about mandated vaccine reeducation camps for vaccine deniers and refusers, and while most public talks of such facilities in recent months have centered around the reeducation of political wrong-thinkers, vaccine reeducation really doesn’t feel very far off at this point.

    Even at the time of publication, the sheer number of people reporting weeping and having anxiety attacks reading it forced me to add a big, red satire notice right at the top; that’s how believable it was.

    Of course, we have a level of censorship that is unprecedented, and this too is a clear “reeducation” attempt. At present, there’s a coordinated effort underway to eliminate a dozen vaccine safety advocates off various platforms.

    Even political leaders are openly calling for private tech companies to deny us our right to free speech. Among them, Congressman Mike Doyle, D-Penn., who asked Facebook and Twitter to remove a dozen accounts, including mine, from their platforms during a House hearing on disinformation and extremism.9

    A primary instigator of this antidemocratic bullying is the ironically misnamed Center for Countering Digital Hate.10 If you want to know what extremists look like, look no further than this Tweet:11

    Last year’s April Fool’s article about COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and digital snitching on suspected disease carriers came even closer to the truth, containing just a single fabrication (as is the case this year too).

    In short, it’s hard to come up with truly outlandish satire anymore that won’t transform into mainstream fact in short order. That’s where we are, and there’s nothing funny about it. So far, the only falsehood in this article is the claim that Krispy Kreme is giving out free coffee, stickers or pins to mask-wearers. They’re not. Doughnuts for vaccine papers, however, is entirely true.

    My sarcastic insinuation to comply with inevitable loss of medical rights, privacy and human liberty, should be chalked up as just that: sarcasm. No, on the contrary, we need to fight like never before against the rapid encroachment of dystopia, where the outlandish is accepted as “the new normal” — not through physical violence, but through calm, stoic, well-reasoned civil disobedience.

    Authoritarians Must Be Stopped

    Sadly, many fail to realize the slippery slope that is mindless obedience. It started with masks. “It’s just a mask. It’s not worth getting harassed over.” A year later, dutiful mask-wearing has resulted in the threat of vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations.

    Now, the persecution you risk is not just verbal harassment (or in some extreme cases getting arrested or fined). No, now you risk being relegated into second-class citizen status, unable to engage in common social activities or to have the freedom to travel.

    As vaccination compliance grows, you can bet your last dollar, yen or drachmae that the call for additional obedience will emerge. Who knows what it might be? I fear even making a suggestion, as no matter how far-fetched, it may turn out to be prophetic. I do foresee vaccination requirements becoming ever more restrictive, though, until they eventually encompass all public areas and venues, including grocery stores. As noted in a December 2020 Daily Beast article:12

    “The government can’t force people to get vaccinated, but businesses can bar people who are not … Too much is at stake to wait for people who refuse to get vaccinated. We need a plan to move forward without them …

    Just as I may have a right not to wear a mask or get a shot, you have a right to be able to walk down the street without me giving you a lethal disease. Choosing not to get vaccinated isn’t ‘freedom’ any more than driving drunk is … It, too, is coercive; the anti-vaxxer is forcing me to swim in their viral discharge, anytime we share space in public.”

    This is how it’s being presented. Unvaccinated people are lethal germ carriers, veritable biological weapons in their own right. Their very presence in a public area is an act of biological terrorism. Never mind the fact that a healthy person exerts no health threat to anyone, anywhere, and never has.

    The myth that SARS-CoV-2 spreads asymptomatically has empowered tyrannical authoritarians to demonize every single person on the planet. If you’re alive, you can now be labeled an unacceptable health threat without any evidence whatsoever. It’s inhumane and, quite frankly, insane.

    As discussed in “Will You Obey the Criminal Authoritarians?” experiments have shown that people can be easily manipulated into acting against their own better judgment, and harm others in extreme ways simply because they were told to do so.

    With societal norms rapidly changing and an increasingly totalitarian environment emerging, it raises the question whether the public will continue to blindly obey criminal authoritarians, no matter what the consequences. My hope is that people will realize the true, long-term cost of blind obedience, and make more life-affirming choices, if not for themselves, then for their children, who will be forced to live in the world we allow to be created.


    This piece is our annual April Fool’s article. Unfortunately, nearly everything in it is true. Krispy Kreme is NOT giving out free coffee, stickers or pins for mask compliance. They are, however, giving out free doughnuts to those who can prove their COVID-19 vaccination status. Sarcastic commentary should not be misread or construed as actual recommendations.

    All other details in this article are true, and describe a rapidly-approaching reality in which personal freedoms are decimated to “protect” us all from an infectious disease. To avoid this dystopian future, it is imperative that we fight to protect and preserve our right to privacy — be it medically related or not — both online and offline.

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