France Maintains Key Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize Crops

Anthony Gucciardi
Waking Times

In another massive victory against Monsanto and the  spread of genetically modified crops, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc  Ayraul has  announced that the nation will be maintaining a key ban on the only  remaining GMO currently allowed in Europe. Known as Monsanto’s GMO  maize crops, or MON810 maize, the original ban was brought forth back in  March following the French court’s previous annulment on a November ban.

Thanks to activism by French citizens and serious political outcry, Monsanto  is now effectively blocked from Europe’s gigantic marketplace. This is even more  true when you consider the fact that France is the largest grower of  crops in all of Europe, making it an agricultural behemoth of sorts.  With this move by such a large and influential nation, it will surely lead to  similar legislation to pop up and succeed throughout the rest of the globe. Of  course like with most other decisions regarding Monsanto, even Reuters admits  (see first link) that France was under large amounts of pressure to ‘soften’ its  stance on GMOs.

  • This is due to the fact that Monsanto has significant pull when it comes to  government around the globe, with the United States in particular being the ‘launch pad’ for the biotechnology movement. We now know thanks to WikiLeaks,  in fact, that United States ambassadors have actually threatened nations opposed  to Monsanto’s GMO maize crops, going as far as to threaten them with ‘military-style trade wars’. When considering that this is but one leak, it is  very concerning.

    France has really been leading the charge against Monsanto and going against  the political pressure, however, also finding Monsanto guilty  of ‘chemical poisoning’ earlier this year. According to the prime minister,  the ruling was also part a wider plan to reduce the use of chemicals in  farming.

    Overall, many countries have taken action against Monsanto and its many  harmful creations. Peru has banned Monsanto’s GMOs for a total of 10  years, Hungary uprooted  the company’s crops from its farmland, and even California is seeking to  label GMOs this November. From Agent Orange (known to kill 400,000 and cause  500,000 plus birth defects) to GMO maize, Monsanto’s time for experimentation  may soon be up.

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