Fluoride Now Linked to Neurotoxicity Pandemic and Development of the A-Bomb


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Researchers have named fluoride as one of the key causes of a “pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity” in a peer-reviewed paper. This adds to its nefarious history by linking the widely used chemical to the manufacture of the ‘A’ bomb – yet your government is likely still adding sodium fluoride to your drinking water.

Fluoride has been named as one of the industrial chemicals causing brain damage to hundreds of thousands of people around the world in an open access scientific review of data examining neuro-behavioral effects including autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and other brain disorders – but this is just confirmation for what many have known for decades.

Fluoride was introduced into municipal drinking water in the 1940s as a ‘medical’ necessity, but its purpose is far from what its promoters have detailed.

Dr. Phillipe Grandjean and Philip J. Landrigan, MD conclude in a paper published in the medical journal, the Lancet, that the root causes of the present global pandemic of neurodevelopmental disorders are hidden. They argue that genetic components of our health affect about 30 percent of the cases of neurological disarray, but unnamed environmental exposures are involved in causation, in some cases probably by interacting with genetically inherited predispositions. One of the chemicals which interfaces with our genes that they name is fluoride.

  • Just a few years ago, Harvard scientists also found that fluoride in very small amounts was lowering children’s IQ scores – but when you see the recently declassified documents linking fluoride production to the A bomb, it will really make you question all the propaganda about fluoride being ‘good for dental health.’

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    The researchers who conducted the Lancet review of data on sodium fluoride came the conclusion that repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time cause slow brain damage, incrementally poisoning and narcotizing certain areas of the brain, causing a number of neurological impairments as fluoride and other chemicals bioaccumulate in the brain. Why, then was fluoride deemed safe for human consumption?

    In documents only recently declassified, we also learn that one of the key ingredients for making the Atomic Bomb was fluoride – they needed millions of tons of the stuff.

    Most of the ‘proof’ that fluoride was safe for human consumption, even ‘good for people,’ was created by the scientists who helped create the A-bomb. They were ordered to provide “evidence useful in litigation” against defense contractors for fluoride injury to citizens. The first lawsuits against the U.S. A-bomb program were not over radiation, but over fluoride damage. You can see this for yourself in the Deepwater Documents.

    Fluoride does not prevent cavities. It calcifies your pineal gland and causes major brain denigration. Guess which modern day company was partly responsible for manufacturing all that fluoride which you are still drinking today? Dupont Chemical.

    The first lawsuits concerning sodium fluoride were those filed by a group of farmers in southern New Jersey, whose peach orchards were destroyed, and whose animals were made sick, by heavy fluoride emissions from a nearby DuPont factory.

    The FDA was even at one time planning on banning the sale of produce from the Deepwater area, because of the excessively high levels of fluoride found in the local fruit and vegetables. Farm workers who ate these fluoride-covered products became so sick they were up all night vomiting. Of course they never acted on it, and the myth of fluoridation being necessary perpetuates to this day.

    Here are the CDC’s own statistics on how many people are drinking water designed to make them about as smart as a tic:

    CDC Fluoride

    In a letter from the Director of the Manhattan Project, General Leslie Groves, explains the importance of the Deepwater lawsuit.

    P.O. BOX 2610

    February 18, 1946

    Senator Brian McMahon, Chairman
    Special Committee on Atomic Energy
    United States Senate
    Washington, D.C.

    Dear Senator McMahon

    I have your letter of 14 February 196 with enclosures received from Mr. Willard B. Kille of swedesboro, New Jersey.

    The matter discussed in Mr. Kille’s letter and in the attached papers has been under investigation by this office for several months as a result of twelve suits filed against du Pont Company by owners of peach orchards in South Jersey. The plaintiffs allege that poisonous gases from the du Pont and other plants in the area caused almost total destruction of their 1944 peach crop and permanent injury to their peach trees. The damage sought aggregate approximately $400,000.

    The Government is interested in the outcome of the suits mentioned above since a nearby plant of the du Pont Company is engaged in manufacturing certain basic materials [fluoride] for use in the Manhattan Project. If the plaintiffs succeed in establishing that all or part of the damage alleged was caused by the du Pont plants operating for the Manhattan Project, the Government would be required under its contract to reimburse that company for the amount of such recovery properly attributable to such operations. The firm of Samuel P. Sadtler, consulting chemists of Philadelphia, whose report was inclosed with Mr. Kille’s letter, has been retained by the plaintiffs and will presumably submit expert testimony during the trial on their behalf.

    The Department of Justice is cooperating in the defense of these suits. The Department of Agriculture, the Bureau of Standards, the Chemical Warfare Service and a group under Colonel Stafford Warren of this organization have been engaged in extensive investigations and experiments to determine the cause or causes behind the damage complained of. This work is not yet completed but it is hoped that the reports on these studies will be available in the very near future. I do not believe it would be of any value to your committee to have Mr. Kille appear before it.

    I was represented at the meeting mentioned by Mr. Kille which was held on February 1, 1946 at Woodbury, New Jersey. I am keeping in close personal touch with the matter from day to day in order that I may be personally certain that while the Government’s interests are protected no advantage is taken of any injured farmer.

    If there is any additional information which you may desire and which is available to me I shall, of course, be very glad to furnish it. The enclosure with your letter are returned herewith.

    Sincerely yours,

    Major General, USA.

    4 Incls.:
    1–Ltr dtd 2/6/46 to

    Sen McMahon fr W.B. Kille
    2–Statement of W.B. Kille (cpy)

    3–Report of Fluorine by
    S.P. Sadtler & Son, Inc. (cpy)
    4–Ltr dtd 1/11/46 to Cong”

    Now that a mainstream medical journal, along with Harvard Medical School is telling you the same thing about fluoride as declassified documents from one of the highest ranking government officials involved the Manhattan Project, do you believe you should still drink the water?

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