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The Internet is full of articles and videos speculating that it’s the end for us. Here’s the essence of the latest one I read: the people pulling the strings of the US Government want war, they want to do a first-strike on Russia with nukes, they’re insane enough to think they can win and they just may do it. This is the belief of the writer.

The nukes possibility is but one scenario offered: one among many… some far fetched, some logical outcomes of current political trends, some anticipations of earth changes. It seems a lot of observers are taking action in whichever way will negate the scenario that they believe, others are responding to the time by changing themselves, still others are determined to not look.

There is no denying that this is an evolutionary moment, and that there is a great deal going on in the collective mind. It’s understandable. Nowadays “stay steady” is the message I give to myself. We have a reason for being here, there are no accidents or mistakes, we are within the perfect experience and in the perfect place, we chose it, so stay steady and stay in the heart.

I started hearing end-time stories as a child in a religious household. What makes the stories carry weight now is the fact that there are those who have ability to do it. It’s interesting to be watching religious stories unfold… but with a truth-twist. We are seeing the Zionist lie being madly defended and of course we know it’s a lie, and it won’t end well, but then again, it will end with truth.

  • Why would they risk killing themselves and their offspring? We’ve all heard that evil contains the seed of its own destruction, and since evil is nearing or at its apex, we may be seeing their powerlessness to help themselves.

    Since I don’t know what end-time events will occur, or when, and I imagine there are few who do, for me there is no sense in attaching feelings to a scenario – not because it’s a downer to do so, but because our perception can become polluted. We’ve all heard the Aesop fable of the boy who cried wolf. On the Internet we’re the villagers, and we’re wise to differentiate between those who are teaching and those who are scaring.

    It seems to me that there are innumerable outcomes in potential. Much depends on us and the cultivation and use of our power. We are not powerless, and we have not boxed ourselves or anyone else into hell. We are, in fact, the creators at this moment, and it’s essential that we continue to cultivate personal power.

    So… what I’ve been looking at is the intention behind power, the truth-or-lie ground that the power stands on, and its use for good or evil. Since the young came here to face and participate in this change, I’ve been talking with young men about power.

    They’ve experienced the “I’ll do whatever I want; I don’t have to consider whether it harms you; eff you,” thugs and bullies. They may have even been a thug or bully. They’ve been put down, and they’ve fought. They have observed lack of care on every level, in every way, coming from parents and family, and fellow humans near and far, and yet their conversation is, “We have to stop the violence.” Their concern is for the children.

    I sat in on their conversation last night, and my only comment was, “It seems you have turned the page on use of power.” They agreed, but they said they are not the originators. It started in the 1970s, they told me, and it’s coming to fruition now. So it appears that the end-time is like a hot house… forcing intentions to come to fruit.

    “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” ~Seneca

    Years ago I came across a teaching that said this Age was preplanned a very long time ago, with the intention of exposing, for all to see and experience, the shadow or hidden side of humanity. In order for this human shadow to manifest, our natural quality of mercy had to be destroyed. With mercy gone, the shadow could be unbridled. I have thought about it often… that shadow.

    The merciful and conscious individual will understand that to harm another is to harm oneself. But there is more to mercy than concern for harm to one’s eternal spirit. Mercy is simply a natural response to suffering… animals, the earth, people at a distance, people right next to us… we respond to suffering as best we can because it makes our heart uncomfortable to see it and profoundly uncomfortable to be the cause of it.

    So, let’s say for the shadow plan to work, the human capacity for mercy had to be eroded. How would that be done? I think we have answered that question over and over again: fear, indoctrination, propaganda, conditioning, the repeated impact of negative experiences, perhaps even breeding, certainly a hierarchical system of control with deceit at the top, and teaching the masses that power is somewhere outside of themselves.

    Organizations, religions, governments… they all promise to empower people with whatever the people believe is missing, be it safety, money, job, salvation, protection, pleasure, pride. We often call it the matrix of control. It rules through the promise of reward and the threat of punishment. Fail in devotion, abandon the agreement, reveal inside knowledge and the punishment can be severe.

    If there is an evolutionary purpose to allowing the rule of evil, it would be the force it exerts upon us to look at what is good and embrace that for our own survival – power as internal, silent, centered in the heart, virtuous and merciful, gained through self-knowledge and self-mastery, not through alliances with external sources.

    It seems the young people whom I talked to have escaped the erosion of mercy: they’ve seen through the propaganda façade, they’re not looking for God in the sky, and they don’t seem to have a fear of death. Bless the older men who whispered words of liberation and truth some 40 years ago. Those intentions just waited for the young and the time.

    While what is to come is up in the air, we do have our work to do: to go within and envision and create something new, conscious of the sacredness of life and the oneness of the divine within us all. So hold steady and stay in the heart… end-time marks the end of evil, not the end of love.

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