The Disempowerment Game

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The Matrix or society is collectively providing the guidelines to manipulate populations into a state of acquired helplessness, and we have to be careful not to pass that nasty variety of the Stockholm Syndrome on to our surroundings.

In some ways we are at the very basic levels of our lives.

We could ask ourselves this question:

“Do I really teach the people around me to be helpless, and why did I plug into that?”

The programmers of the acquired helplessness, for example, will always take care of their partner’s more practical needs, food, clothing and so on.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that. If it is at a very conscious level, it can very well be a genuine expression of love, tenderness, transcending and caring.

When it’s not, it could very well be the extension of society’s programing. Mostly I think it is, since it is so well conditioned and orchestrated.

  • An example:

    She goes away for a weekend, but before she does that she’ll cook for the entire weekend and make small trays of food in the microwave oven stating:

    “He cannot make his own food, so little boxes, aren’t I the good wife.”

    Yes, you are dear, but hey: What are you teaching the poor man? Total dependence and acquired helplessness.

    It’s not the Da Vinci code to crack here.

    Tell him:

    “You can make a list, go to the mall, Google a recipe and you’ll be safe,” and the beneficial argument: “What would you prefer Friday evening, some hot love or should I make little boxes of food for you?”

    If he goes for the little boxes, I would somehow re-evaluate the relationship.

    I meet this scenario a lot, and these often well-meaning women are not happy with it, at least that’s what they say, going: “Ahh, he’s so helpless.”

    Well, who taught him that?

    – Oh, his mother did!

    Yes and who took over?

    – Me?

    And that’s a bingo.

    So she blames him for what she teaches him every day! That’s very much how society works; playing the blame card on populations when society has taught them to be depended on it. And that should pretty much leave everybody in the wild.

    Which it seems to do.

    The problem could be:

    Helpless people have problems with dignity. They sink into a comfort zone and think: It fits me just fine, to be helpless. Don’t have to act, think and feel. Others will do that for me. Like the media? And that would account for the bigger picture.

    Men do the same:

    “Honey, tire’s flat, let me.”

    Maybe show her instead…

    The more skilled we are, the more solid we become and the more firm we stand, and it makes us proud.

    Do we really want to pass this on to our kids, whom we are molding.

    We often do all this weird brainless control. It is a form of control, very hidden but it’s there. Why? Because we want the answer to:

    “Do you all love me now?”

    And all the children sing: “We do, we doooo!” And it echoes throughout the neighborhood…

    Politics ring a bell here?

    Pass that mechanism on to our politicians, and they will book a stadium ready to take the praise from the obedient subjects of the disempowerment game. Good Students. Cheer, Cheer.

    Bahhh, Bahhh: “Yes we love you for taking our freedom away to manage our lives in a skillful way.” All Hail.

    So this is really nasty since it originates from this belief system:

    “People love me for what I do for them and NOT for who I really am.”

    And that is a very bad place to be. Because we will find ourselves on a never-ending journey of seeking love and respect due to the service management we can provide, but not for who we really are.

    If I ask a group of people to present themselves 99 percent would define themselves by what they are doing!

    That’s not who we are.

    – Who are you?

    – What do you do for a living?

    These are kind of two separate questions aren’t they?

    The Matrix would want you to focus on defining yourself by what you are doing, so during this time of unemployment running high and lurking outside each and every doorway, if you get fired, you wouldn’t have a clue of who you are. That’s one of the reasons for unemployment-related suicides.

    Another one is, of course, the economic collapse within.

    – Work’s done, I’m dead.

    No, you’re not. You were the hostage of acquired helplessness and twisted identification.

    It can be a sad situation, though.

    We have to get rid of this behavioral pattern and wake up from it. Teach our kids that they can manage.

    Stand strong, and people will love you for who you really are and not the services you provide.

    Not the “microwave dinners,” made so easy, but without any nutritious value at all.

    Just like the Matrix.

    © 2014 Soren Dreier / Full repost only by permission.

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