Digital Art – A Poetic Vision (Video)

Vimeo – Sergio Toporek

A must watch artistic journey through the cosmos to better understand the relevance of digital art. Without digital art and the power of the computer mankind would not yet completely understand the fractal. An amazing presentation about the cosmos above and the cosmos below.

“This video is a presentation of the subjects that inform and inspire my personal work. It is an eclectic collection that includes poetry, mysticism, mathematics, music, theology, quantum physics, sacred geometry, philosophy and visual arts.

In my body of work, each piece has served as a learning experience; an opportunity to discover new aspects of my own reality. They were not created to make any specific statements or assert any truths. Instead, I started every piece with the hope that an unexpected grain of truth would reveal itself to me. The value of my work can be attributed to this intangible process of exploration and its resulting ephemeral glimpses into the mysterious.”

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