5 Stages of My Personal Awakening

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Eric Blair
Activist Post

It’s clear that there’s a massive global awakening happening.  A time when much that has been hidden from the masses is being revealed.  And as this information is increasingly accessed, the perpetrators of lies are being exposed on a grand scale. Their sinister agenda is also coming into clear view for all to see. This awakening has been the source of motivation for starting this website and the success of many other “truth” outlets.

As the controlling elite move at warp speed to implement the final stages of their full spectrum dominance, it seems to be met with an even quicker awakening of the masses.  But this awakening seems to pass through stages. At least it did with me and many people I’m close to.  In turn, sometimes it’s difficult to gauge where the audience is in terms of their stage of awareness.

I remember when we started Activist Post over two years ago, I thought I understood enough about the agenda and the current events related to it. I felt “enough already, where are the solutions?” Since that time, we sought to expose the lies, present the agenda as it unfolds in real time, and provide some practical solutions to the best of our ability and knowledge.  But we’re always learning and progressing.

  • At this late stage in the game, I felt it appropriate to share the stages of my personal awakening with our audience.  By no means do I expect it to be viewed as universal guidelines that should be followed by others, but rather it’s simply a glimpse into my personal perspective in hopes of showing solidarity with people who may be struggling with the same stages.

    Recognizing the Lies: I think this is probably where everyone begins.  One way or another it becomes clear that we have not been told the truth about something by the establishment, which leads to recognizing other lies.  For some it’s a profound “ah ha” moment.  However, for me, the process has been more gradual.  In the mid-1990s, I read Behold a Pale Horse which certainly opened my eyes to things I’ve never considered before like secret societies, but it failed to launch me immediately into more research. Even though, in retrospect, I’ve been gradually learning more and more over the years, it wasn’t until Obama proved to be a fraud that I fully woke up.  I’m embarrassed to have supported him in 2008, thinking Hillary Clinton and McCain were the globalist insiders and naively believing he was a genuine outsider who wanted peace.  It was only then that the true nature of the power structure presented itself to me and a tsunami of research began in earnest.  And, finally, once I took an honest look at the events of 9-11, there was no going back to the manufactured reality.

    Realizing Who’s Really in Charge: This is where most people who begin their awakening seem to focus much of their energy and time investigating — as I did.  However, I’m not sure anyone really has the correct answer to who’s really in charge, as there are so many layers to investigate.  Yet, many researchers come to certain conclusions which become the source of bitter infighting between truth seekers.  I believe the controllers, whomever they may be specifically, laugh heartily at our bickering about who they are.  Once we move beyond the names and faces of people, corporations, and the institutions that all appear to be in on it, it becomes clear that it’s rather unimportant who it actually is versus the philosophy they all adhere to.  Whether the hidden hand is Freemasons or the Illuminati, or the Vatican or Zionists, doesn’t really seem to matter.  What’s important to me is that 1) there is indeed a hidden hand controlling world events, 2) it’s evidently not human compared to you and I, 3) they share a philosophy of extreme prejudicial hierarchy and a sense of entitlement over humanity and, 4) they are ruthless beyond our capacity to comprehend.  Identifying them beyond that seems like a waste of precious time and energy that could be spent on solutions, in my humble opinion.

    Understanding the Agenda:  Understanding the agenda was far more important to me than identifying the puppet masters, because by understanding what they’re trying to accomplish they will eventually reveal themselves. Their agenda, as I’ve come to learn it, is no less than complete control of planet earth by consolidating political and economic power including control of all resources, and enslaving and reducing the whole of humanity by any means necessary.  And they’re using everything in their arsenal to accomplish these goals; primarily the monetary system via central and world banks, global laws via the United Nations,  aggressive military force, multinational corporations and the absolute control of information by owning the media, suppressing science and technology, and controlling education.

    Finally, one of the unseen tools used to great effect by this cabal is their manipulation of our reality through fear.  In fact, there is no way they can accomplish their wickedness if we didn’t buy into manufactured fear.

    Incidentally, the agenda is fairly easy to recognize in current events.  If an event is used to cause fear, division or hatred, you can bet it’s the work of the controllers.  If an event is counter to peace and personal freedom, you can bet the agenda is moving forward.  If an event seems like a massive accident (financial collapse, 9-11, etc.) you can bet it has a purpose.

    In fact, if there is an event that is causing harm to people in any way, shape or form, you can bet that it’s connected to this agenda in some way.  This is because average humans, let’s call them the 99.9%, will not consciously harm others if given the choice of a peaceful way to survive and coexist.  Many may disagree and point to isolated examples of theft, rape, bullying, murder, etc. as natural human behavior.  However, I would argue that in every one of those cases, the social system designed by the architects of the above agenda is to be blamed, not the individuals.  After all, how are slaves expected to behave like humans in such a malicious and unfair system?

    Nature of Reality and Solutions:  After realizing that nearly all facets of reality are based on lies controlled for a certain purpose, one may begin to wonder what the true nature of reality is.  Many seek answers in religion, science, or philosophy. Again, given the level of deception in these institutions, I’m not sure anyone can define the nature of reality as a whole.  Although there are many enlightened people presenting amazing theories, anyone claiming to know the absolute nature of reality is highly suspect in my book.  However, I feel it’s important for each of us to discover as much about the true nature of reality as possible, because that seems to be where genuine solutions can be found.


    In my case, I’ve examined all of the above; religion, science, and philosophy in pursuit of what reality is to me.  While I have intellectually believed the following for some time, I have only just begun to holistically understand it through experience.  Without getting into labels, here’s what I believe are at least some of the rules that govern the nature of reality: We, as individuals, are infinitely more powerful beings than we’ve been led to believe.  As such, we control of our own reality and, ultimately, our own destiny. This power resides in each of us as free will of our thoughts and emotions which are physical frequencies that impact the material world. I have repeatedly experienced this in my own life by, for lack of better words, thinking my reality into existence.  The bigger lesson for me has been that we all contribute to what manifests in the world around us; and changing the world truly begins with changing ourselves.

    Our immense power can only be contained by fear, which paralyzes our thought processes.  Despite all the negativity in the world, there is truly nothing to fear if we control our own thoughts and ultimately our own destinies.  Even fearing death seems unwarranted, as I believe humans are bundles of intelligent energy that, by the laws of nature, cannot be created or destroyed — only transformed.  I certainly don’t want to leave this physical reality, but I’m not afraid of it.  That would be a waste of my time and energy while I’m “alive”.

    The absence of fear is love.  I believe the collective reality in the world would change overnight if love replaced fear in the forefront of our thoughts.  And I think love is the secret ingredient to solve all of the seemingly complex issues of our time.  I may be wrong about all this, but experience tells me there is definitely something to it.

    Forgiving the Evil Doers: Admittedly, I have not achieved this stage yet, but I firmly believe it is one of the final stages of enlightenment.  The actions by the controllers are so despicable, so inhumane, and so evil that they naturally instill hate in any decent person who sees them for what they are.  But understanding that this hate is actually something they need to continue perpetuating their sinister plot, then harboring this hate seems counterproductive if we seek to bring the desired change of peace and harmony.  Additionally, if our thoughts and actions in some small way contribute to this reality, even if by lack of action, then it seems we have to accept a certain amount of responsibility for humanity’s current predicament.

    At this stage, I’m only able to feel gratitude to Obama for helping wake me up, and gratitude in general that as things progressively get worse more and more people have begun to evolve their consciousness.  I know it’s a stretch for most people to see this silver lining in the dark clouds that currently engulf us, but it seems our evolution simply must play out this way.  If it wasn’t for the increasing tyranny, the masses would still be sleeping through their human experience without even knowing they were slaves, or ever realizing their potential.  Perhaps they would eventually realize it on their own, but I doubt it.

    I suppose I won’t be able to forgive them until the war is over and the good guys declare victory. Until then, I will continue to pick up my pen and fight on until peace, love, and liberty is achieved.

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