Did Anthony Fauci Just Allude to a Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine?

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the physician appointed to head the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Task Force, recently hinted at the idea that we may have a mandatory coronavirus vaccine in the near future.

At a press conference, Fauci suggested that society will be getting “back to normal” at some point, but only once we have proper treatment and prevention.

“When we get back to normal, we will go back to the point where we can function as a society. But … [i]f you want to get back to pre-coronavirus, that might not ever happen in the sense that the threat is there. But I believe that with the therapies that will be coming online, and the fact that I feel confident that over a period of time we will get a good vaccine, that we will never have to get back to where we are right now.” – Dr. Anthony Fauci

He also said:

“…if back to normal means acting like there never was a coronavirus problem, I don’t think that’s going to happen until we do have a situation where you can completely protect the population.”

The only way that they could “completely protect the population” is through a mandatory, and of course, lucrative vaccine. According to Fauci, “the ultimate solution to a virus that might be coming back would be a vaccine.”

If this is true then it is wonderful news for Bill Gates who has already invested billions of dollars into the development of a coronavirus vaccine. However, it does seem suspicious, and a potential conflict of interest, that Dr. Fauci is also on the board of the Bill & Melina Gates Foundation’s vaccine Leadership Council.

Earlier this month, Fauci said:

“It’ll take a few months to get the data to where we’ll feel confident to go to the phase two, and then a few months from now we’ll be in phase two and I think we’re right on target for the year to year and a half.”

Governments have not hesitated to turn vaccinations into an exercise of authority in the past. In some U.S. states, your children can’t even attend public school without first getting inoculated for the flu.

In one area of New York City, residents can face fines up to $1000 if they do not get vaccinated for the measles. Some areas of the US are even removing religious exemptions regardless of the fact that aborted human fetal tissue is often sold to vaccine manufacturers and used in their products, including the coronavirus vaccine itself.

Some are also concerned about harmful additives in vaccines, including aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde, which scientists and concerned citizens alike have been vigorously debating for decades.

Governments and the mainstream media have been sweeping promising Covid-19 treatments under the rug, such as hydroxychloroquine and intravenous vitamin C, in favor of a pharmaceutical vaccine. You could speculate that they would rather support the vaccine manufacturers whom they advertise with instead of vitamin C or Zinc, which is low cost and can be acquired virtually anywhere.

Regardless of what you think about vaccines in general, the question that we all must ask ourselves is that of individual vs. state power. Should we allow the government more control over our bodies out of the fear that we might spread a dangerous illness, or is it more important to retain our liberties during times of crisis for ourselves and for future generations?

If American heroes like Patrick Henry were alive today, you know that they would say… “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!”

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