Despite Biden Admin Claiming Afghan War is Over, Air Force Admits It Will Never End

Don Via, Jr., Guest
Waking Times

As the United States is only halfway through finally withdrawing from the horrendous war on Afghanistan, the military-industrial complex has come forward confirming the unfortunate yet unsurprising — Even when it’s over, it’s never REALLY over.

According to The Defense Post, on Tuesday, June 8th, acting Air Force Secretary John P. Roth revealed to members of the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee that the Air Force was “preparing for ‘over-the-horizon’ strike capabilities in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of American troops from the country”.

“Post-withdrawal strike capability”, in other words, meaning “even after we no longer have boots on the ground, we’re still going to bomb you into oblivion”….

This comes as no surprise as the Biden Administration has openly fed the war machine since taking office. On the very first day of Joe Biden’s presidency a large US military Convoy was documented entering into Syria.

Shortly thereafter, not even 2 months into the presidency Biden followed in the footsteps of his predecessors by authorizing (illegally) an explosive bombardment in Syria.

Just as much then, as it is now with the news of these prolonged bombardments in Afghanistan, more than likely much to the delight of recently appointed US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin — Formally a board member for a weapons manufacturer Raytheon, who has been handing out billion dollar contracts to his former employer like candy.

Although, according to Breaking Defense, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks attempted to assuage any concerns of this continued presence, assuring that it was not meant to replace boots on the ground.

Stating —

“It is rather to take the approach we do in most parts of the world with regard to counterterrorism, which is to ensure that we have sufficient strategic warning and ability to prevent threats from coming and reaching Americans who are at home.”

This may a sound like a well intended tactical approach, but is actually completely ignorant of the facts. It is assuredly by now common knowledge within the defense department that continued aggression on behalf of the United States’ imperialist interests doesn’t actually prevent terrorism in the slightest. A 2016 study from the FBI concluded that violent US foreign policy is actually the primary cause for inspiring foreign-born terror attacks within the United States.

Who could have thought by unlawfully invading, destroying, pillaging and occupying smaller nations, and slaughtering countless innocents, that it would foster disdain and a desire among the oppressed population to fight back?

Modern American foreign policy reads like a who’s who of neocolonial expansionism and slaughter. A recent report documented that an astonishing 91% of of casualties inflicted by explosive ordnance in conflicts around the world are civilians. Considering the expansiveness of US military engagement abroad, a sizable portion of that percentage is contributed to American bombings. Furthermore, the actual number of US civilian casualties as likely higher than estimated. As a separate report noted that the Biden Administration is continuing the practice of undercounting civilian deaths in combat theaters.

The truly grotesque extent of American military operations abroad was thoroughly accounted for in The Free Thought Project’s December report lambasting the then incumbent President Donald Trump’s policy decisions. As he, just as Biden has now done, and likely whomever his successor may be, have followed in the footsteps of their predecessors — Proliferating the constant perpetual war of the military-industrial complex.

On its face our December report may be seen as a rebuke of the actions of President Trump which largely went unaccounted for. And it is. But on a deeper level it serves as an indictment of US foreign policy in general; past, present, and future, so long as it continues to facilitate globalist aims by way of countless atrocities.

It is also incredibly worthy to note the truly insidious extent to which the MIC has infected the entirety of the American government, all the way to the executive branch, and its disastrous consequences.

Unbeknownst to many Americans, at the present moment the United States by all intents and purposes should have already left Afghanistan. In March, an exclusive report was released via The GrayZone that should have taken national headlines by storm. But mostly fell on deaf ears.

The March 16th report by journalist Gareth Porter details the account of Colonel Douglas MacGregor, former senior advisor to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, stating in an interview first hand knowledge that the Pentagon intentionally sabotaged the US-Taliban peace agreement.

Furthermore, Colonel MacGregor affirms that on November 11th, in a surprising change of pace from the outgoing President, an order was signed by the White House officially authorizing the complete US withdrawal from Afghanistan by December 31st 2020. Seemingly intent to finally end the 21 year war once and for all. However on November 12th, several senior National Security officials had an urgent meeting with the former President ultimately convincing him to rescind the order.

The United States was finally within days of ending the costly, unnecessary, disastrous, and deadly occupation of Afghanistan — Yet the war hawks who profit off of the racket of imperialist aggression shut it down with haste.

This was a treacherous act that should have undoubtedly caused national outcry — though months later, most still have no clue.

Although for those of us here at TFTP, these continued operations within Afghanistan’s borders certainly come as no surprise. As we reported at the end of April, “Biden is NOT Ending the War in Afghanistan, He’s Just Rebranding It“. A former CIA officials explains the intent to maintain clandestine affairs within the nation’s borders via CIA, special operations, contractors, and non-military assets.

As The Free Thought Project editor-in-chief Matt Agorist said at the time —

“How can Biden declare a war to be over if he is still raining down hellfire missiles inside the borders of the country? He can’t. That’s why he’s lying. What he really meant to say is that America’s war machine is simply changing shape and death and destruction will continue to take place — in the name of “spreading democracy” — but it will happen remotely from Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, and other states instead.

If you want an glimpse into the future of a “remote” war in Afghanistan, you need only look at the hellish scenarios produced by similar tactics in US proxy wars in Yemen, Syria, and Somalia.”

America’s forever wars are big business, and the United States Marine Corp’s most famous General said it best nearly a century ago;

About the Author

Don Via Jr. is an independent researcher and journalist from central Virginia, who has dedicated the last ten years to studying history, political science, geopolitics, and covert operations, and raising awareness about government corruption and abuses. His work has been featured in publications such as Activist Post, Waking Times, and others. He is the founder of the independent media outlet Break The Matrix, where more of his work can be found. As well as on associated social media on MeWeTwitter, and Minds.

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