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Through the years I have had minimal success with traditional, Allopathic medicine, so for most of my life I have sought out alternative, holistic therapies for healing my body and maintaining my wellness. I have achieved phenomenal results for my health related issues from Acupuncture treatments, Chinese medicine, Osteopathic manipulations, meditation and a healthy lifestyle.

Fortunately, thus far, I have never had a personal encounter with a disease such as cancer. I do not know exactly what to attribute that good fortune to; whether genetics or conscientious health maintenance. I have however experienced cancer through loved ones and some of the hospice patients I have seen through years of volunteering. It is a devastating process to watch.

After giving a great deal of thought to how I would proceed if given a future diagnosis of cancer, I can say for certain that I will never submit my body to chemotherapy. It is a deadly poison, falsely promoted by pharmaceutical companies and the majority of Oncologists as a remedy (but not cure) for cancer. Granted, besides radiation and radical surgery, chemo is the only “remedy” that traditional cancer doctors currently have at their disposal. But various polls have shown that the majority of doctors would refuse chemotherapy for themselves and their families if given other options.

  • In the article 75% of Physicians in the World Refuse Chemotherapy for Themselves the author S.D. Wells states the following:

    “Research using polls and questionnaires continue to show that 3 of every 4 doctors and scientists would refuse chemotherapy for themselves due to its devastating effects on the entire body and the immune system, and because of its extremely low success rate. On top of that, only 2 to 4% of all cancers even respond to chemotherapy or prove to be “life extending,” yet it is prescribed across the board for just about every kind of cancer. Polls were taken by accomplished scientists at the McGill Cancer Center from 118 doctors who are all experts on cancer. They asked the doctors to imagine they had cancer and to choose from six different “experimental” therapies. These doctors not only denied chemo choices, but they said they wouldn’t allow their family members to go through the process either! What does that say about their true opinion of this archaic method?”

    I have read these facts before in various publications, yet every time I do I find them just as startling and alarming. The good news is that there is a wealth of information and resources to guide us through the process of naturally, gently curing cancer should we be confronted with that diagnosis.

    Yes, it is true; cancer is curable. The pharmaceutical companies do not want us to know that because chemotherapy drugs make them a lot of money. I wonder if those responsible for turning a blind eye to the truth have seriously considered the number of people who will die or have died from cancer, or if the billions of dollars they make each year off the sales of cancer drugs somehow justifies that reality. If so, I do not know how they sleep at night. This year in America alone about 564,800 are expected to die of cancer—more than 1,500 people a day.

    The public keeps donating their hard earned money to foundations and scientific institutions, desperately hoping a cure for cancer will be found when in actuality the cure has already been found. Where is all the donation money going?  What will it take for the drug companies and the FDA to finally admit the truth?

    Knowing that alternatives exist in the treatment of cancer is one thing, but unfortunately when confronted with the “C” word many people panic. They turn to their doctors for advice, who will then refer them to a medical cancer specialist (Oncologist) for a treatment plan. Uneducated about the disease, shocked, frightened and desperate, the patient puts his trust in the Oncologist and then follows whatever advice he is given. The average person does not know what else to do. No one wants chemotherapy, but when it is recommended many feel they have no other option.

    The first and most important thing to do when confronted with cancer or the suspicion of it is to not be rushed into making any decision; not even a biopsy. There is some evidence that once the encapsulated tumor is punctured, the risk of the cancer cells spreading may be increased. (Read Dr. Mercola’s article Cancer Trials Can Lack Clear Information on Biopsies) It is your body and you have to live with the consequences, not the doctor.

    Understand that you do have options – explore all of them. Research. Do your homework.

    I know of two experts who have substantial track records with successfully and competently guiding others through the process of naturally healing cancer. They are definitely worth checking out. I am sure there are many other qualified experts so please do your own research.

    The first recommended resource is Bill Henderson, cancer coach. His website is I highly recommend that you read his eye-opening book, Cancer Free: Your Guide to Gentle Non-Toxic Healing.  Listen to the interview I did with Bill on my radio show, A Fine Time for Healing, where you can hear Bill cover a wealth of information about curing cancer in clear, concise ways that make sense to the average person.

    The second resource I recommend is someone whom I recently met. Her name is Jean Sumner, cancer survivor and co-founder of World Wellness Education. Her website is Jean pursued alternative methods for treating her “incurable” cancer and completely cured herself. Now she guides others toward healing through nutrition, spirituality and exercise. Her mission is, “Teaching the world about wellness — one story at a time.”

    I have recently stumbled upon Dr. Joseph Mercola online, and read many of his fabulous articles on alternative cancer treatments.  Dr. Mercola is an Osteopathic Physician, board-certified in family medicine who is trained in both traditional and natural medicine. He is an author of two books, as well as a recipient of several awards given to him for his innovations and contributions to holistic medicine and health journalism. His website is

    In his article, “We Don’t Have a Cure for Cancer Yet – Or Do We?”, Dr. Mercola recommends the following list to get you started on a cancer prevention plan.

    1. Normalize your vitamin D levels with safe amounts of sun exposure. This works primarily by optimizing your vitamin D level. Ideally, monitor your vitamin D levels throughout the year.
    2. Control your insulin levels by limiting your intake of processed foods and sugars/fructose as much as possible.
    3. Get appropriate amounts of animal-based omega-3 fats.
    4. Get appropriate exercise. One of the primary reasons exercise works is that it drives your insulin levels down. Controlling insulin levels is one of the most powerful ways to reduce your cancer risks.
    5. Eat according to your nutritional type. The potent anti-cancer effects of this principle are very much under-appreciated. When we treat cancer patients in our clinic this is one of the most powerful anti-cancer strategies we have.
    6. Have a tool to permanently erase the neurological short-circuiting that can activate cancer genes. Even the CDC states that 85 percent of disease is caused by emotions. It is likely that this factor may be more important than all the other physical ones listed here, so make sure this is addressed. My particular favorite tool for this purpose, as you may know, is the Emotional Freedom Technique.
    7. Only 25 percent of people eat enough vegetables, so by all means eat as many vegetables as you are comfortable with. Ideally, they should be fresh and organic. Cruciferous vegetables in particular have been identified as having potent anti-cancer properties. Remember that carb nutritional types may need up to 300 percent more vegetables than protein nutritional types.
    8. Maintain an ideal body weight.
    9. Get enough high-quality sleep.
    10. Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides, household chemical cleaners, synthetic air fresheners and air pollution.
    11. Reduce your use of cell phones and other wireless technologies, and implement as many safety strategies as possible if/when you cannot avoid their use.
    12. Boil, poach or steam your foods, rather than frying or charbroiling them.

    I am not a cancer expert nor am I a licensed medical practitioner, so I can not offer you any specific advice on how to heal from cancer. I admit that I have never tried any of the methods of curing cancer suggested by the experts I have recommended. I am just someone who believes in holistic healing after having experienced its incomparable results for most of my life. I am also someone who practices natural, preventative medicine on a regular basis.

    When I learn something I feel compelled to share it. The recommendations of the above experts make perfect sense to me; much more sense than taking poison that destroys our immune systems and forever ruins our bodies.

    I hope you found this information as helpful as I have. I know, without a doubt, which direction I will turn if ever faced with a cancer threat or diagnosis. It is my hope that you will be able to make an educated decision now as well.

    About the Author

    Randi Fine is a Radio Show Host, author of two books, and Life Issues Counselor living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Love Your Life is a journal that she writes to connect with others who share in her mission of spreading light, love, and healing to the world. Randi hosts the blog talk-radio show, A Fine Time for Healing: A Sanctuary for Your Emotional Wellbeing.  On her show she discusses self-help and spiritual life-skill topics that heal and enhance the life experiences of others. Randi Fine published her memoir, Fine…ly, in 2010 and her inspirational book, Awaken from Life, in 2012. Randi is a deeply spiritual person, following an enlightened path of her own design. It is a connection she faithfully trusts to guide her in every aspect of her life.

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