Should We Fear or Embrace Brain Wave Sensing Technology?

Waking Times

Video – It’s no secret that little by little our lives and bodies are becoming more public. In modern societies, it is now common that established technologies such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) and GPS devices are worn as an accessory such as a bracelet or are implanted under the skin, and biometric finger and iris scanners are being used for high-security clearance, travel identification and even in schools to permit student entry.

The newest-generation of technology is tapping into the human brain, and soon we’ll be able to control items throughout the house just with our thoughts. This can be viewed as a very attractive proposition if you’re suffering from physical limitations such as a quadriplegic. Yet, to me, a question lingers, are these technologies a positive step towards improved security, convenience and quality of life (as in the case of a quadriplegic), or will they balloon beyond our control, giving Big Brother visibility and control over every aspect of our lives, no matter how personal?

Check out these two videos that demonstrate two new products that use brain wave reading technology. This technology senses and interprets thoughts and translates them into desired actions. The products are novel, and the technology seems quite exciting…but at what point will this technology be used for mental surveillance, invading what is most personal – our thoughts? Should we be excited or concerned?

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