How You Benefit When You Celebrate Goals You Achieved & Those You Did Not

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As the year comes to a close, many of us take time to reflect back on the year… on the goals and dreams we set for ourselves.

This time of reflection can feel good and…. for some, it can also feel not so good as in ”I should have accomplished more” or… “Where did the year go (sigh)?”

As we reflect on the year, it’s easy to focus on goals that we did not achieve rather than those we did achieve. That’s because the mind tends to process much more readily what did not work out rather than process what manifested.

Way too often, we miss seeing the bigger picture, with all its magnificence, when we just focus on the goal itself.

The bigger picture reveals itself when we take time to reflect on the personal lessons we learned as we moved towards a goal. It’s not only about achieving heart-felt goals but also experiencing personal growth along the way.

Why It’s Powerful To Celebrate Goals You Achieved & Those You Did Not!

By celebrating and honoring goals you achieved & those you did not achieve, you empower yourself. One goal–regardless if you achieved it or not–can yield many hidden treasures if you look for them.

  • Review the year with gratitude, compassion, self-love and a desire to learn your deepest, personal lessons. This will help you discover those hidden gifts.

    Let’s say you had a specific goal to be in a serious relationship, but it hasn’t yet happened. It’s still important to celebrate the accomplishments you did have around that goal. Did you learn to love yourself more? To have more compassion? To be a better listener? The personal growth you achieved as a result of setting that goal will help prepare you for realizing your dream–in this example a happy, intimate relationship.

    Without a doubt, our triumphs and perceived failures ALL help us grow personally, professionally and spiritually.
    Each life lesson that we grasp and appreciate benefits all facets of our lives—our emotional well being, health, relationships …and spirituality.

    Here are 2 steps you can take to find hidden treasures as you review the year.

    1. Ask powerful questions.
    2. Journal about the insights you get from asking power questions.

    If you don’t journal, I highly recommend you start journaling in the new year. Journaling is a powerful practice for getting to know yourself at a deeper level.

    A few power questions you can ask yourself:

    “What things happened in my life this year that left a mark—that had a significant impact on my life?”

    “What did that event teach me?” “How did I grow emotionally, spiritually, intellectually because of it?” ”What successes did I have surrounding my goal?”

    “How did that event affect my relationships, my finances, my health and overall well being?”

    And, “What am I most thankful for in my relationships, finances and health ”

    It’s helpful to break down the questions into specific areas of your life because it helps trigger memories and insights.

    When you take time to go within and ask powerful questions, you get the lessons you need to learn.
    Personally, I like to also dedicate a few pages at the front of my journal to summarize important things that happened each month. I write about important insights I had, important people I met, and breakthroughs I had in various areas of my life. Sometimes I have just a handful of bullet points for a month, and other times I can fill up a page with bullet points.

    I like to do monthly summaries because I get to step back and see the whole year at a glance. It helps to remind me of important things that happened for me in the year. Each month, for me, has a theme.

    So as the new year arrives, take time to honor yourself and your past personal achievements on all levels. This will help you start the year out strong—with a Warrior’s Spirit!

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