21 Questions of Universal Truth to Expand Your Perception of Reality

realityyyDavid Huting, Contributor
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Now that the new year is upon us and people around the world are awakening to a greater understanding of the nature of reality, we must ask ourselves questions that arouse our will to stand up against the evil that is bringing planetary peril. The following 21 questions are a worth asking ourselves as we begin 2014.

– Do you know that everything you see and sense is based on vibration and frequency?

– Do you understand that your senses only perceive a TINY spectrum of all vibrations and frequencies?

– Do you realize that there is a God and a Goddess?

– Or that math is the language of the universe?

– And do you know about sacred geometry?

– Do you understand that every person you see is your brother or sister?

  • – Or that the only way to ascend to the highest levels of consciousness and therefore heaven is to reach the lowest, with arms of compassion?

    – Do you realize that it’s far better to die righteously than to kill in the name of righteousness?

    – Do you realize that our planet has since it’s inception been under satanic attack?

    – Do you realize that there is a battle between the Christ family and the Luciferian family, and that our planet is just but one tiny battlefield in a cosmic battle spanning a duration your mind can’t even fathom?

    – Do you know that with every word, thought, and action you make, you either ascend the golden ladder of expanded consciousness, or descend into denser, darker levels of contracted consciousness?

    – Do you know that there are seven levels of heaven to ascend to?

    – Do you realize that there are sacred scrolls with these teachings that have been preserved since the beginning of our Earth?

    – Can you understand why people who protect this information have been persecuted throughout history by those in power?

    – Do you understand that there is a satanic agenda that involves making you forget that you have unlimited power?

    – Do you even know that you have unlimited power?

    – Do you understand the power of sound?

    – Do you realize that reincarnation is real?

    – Do you know killing or eating animals weakens your natural defensive shield of light and opens you up to the possibility of demonic possession?

    – Do you realize that doing nothing in the face of evil is siding with evil?

    – Do you realize that evil is never going to triumph, but by not actively opposing it, you risk ‘sinking with the ship’?

    – Did you know that the ancient translation for wizard means “knowing one,” and with the right knowledge comes great power?

    – Would you rather be a king of this earth, rich in material wealth, or a spiritual king, with nothing on this earth but everything in the heavens?

    – Are you ready to pull out of “the matrix” yet?

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