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Ayahuasca and Iboga – Messengers of Truth from Mother Earth

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times “The history of Western culture in the last two thousand years could be seen as the “Empire of the Mind conquering the exterior world and extinguishing the interior one, with the result that we have atrophied our spiritual connection.” –Rak Razam The world is deeply out of balance in these

Earth Chakras: The 7 Key Energy Vortices of Mother Earth

Christina Sarich, Staff Waking Times  Just as the physical body has seven (or more) identifiable energy centers, or swirling vortices of subtle energy, so does the planet have chakra centers that govern her health and act as a reflection of her energetic evolution. Dr. Hiroshimi Motoyama developed a way to measure the chakras of the

Mother’s Day – Earth Day – Why Not Every Day?

Ida Lawrence, Contributor Waking Times We’re approaching Mother’s Day – another commercial holiday in the U.S. about which we can have mixed feelings. The marketing encourages everyone to give attention to their mom, and talk to her, spend money on her, or if she has left this physical plane, to think of her and miss

A Message from Earth

John Perkins – Living on Earth is about understanding that we are a part of the greater whole.

17 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Mother Teresa

Luminita Saviuc, Purpose Fairy Waking Times “If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives: Be kind anyway. If you are successful you will win some false friends and true enemies: Succeed anyway. If you are honest and frank people will try to cheat you: Be honest anyway. What you spend years building,

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