3 Logical Fact-Based Issues To Consider Before Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

Gavin Nascimento, The Free Thought Project
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While the media resorts to accusing people of being “anti-vaxxers,” for not wanting to take a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine, and some have gone so far as to even associate dissenters with being “anti-Semitic,” there are actually 3 very logical fact-based reasons why we should question the safety of a coronavirus vaccine.

1) History Shows That Fast Tracking a Vaccine Can Be Dangerous & Even Deadly

Multiple experts, including those who themselves actually administer vaccines, agree that fast-tracking a vaccine can be very dangerous.

  • According to immunologist and deputy editor of the journal Science Advances, Dr. Douglas J. Green, fast-tracking a vaccine could potentially be “catastrophic” and should not be rushed. He cites an example from 1966, in which two children actually died from an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

    Source: CNN

    Two other historical examples that help to illustrate the potential danger of fast-tracking a vaccine, is the Cutter incident from 1955 and the mandatory Swine Flu vaccination campaign from 1976.

    In 1955, 200,000 children received a polio vaccine from Cutter Laboratories which resulted in approximately 200 cases of paralysis and 10 deaths. In 1976, a mandatory vaccine campaign was imposed that likewise resulted in 53 deaths, and a relatively high number of cases of Guillain Barre syndrome, which can likewise result in permanent paralysis.

    Normally, it takes around ten years to develop what is considered to be a “safe vaccine,” but now these Big Pharma/Vaccine companies — many of which are well known for corruption and deceiving the public concerning the dangers of their products — have produced a vaccine within just a matter of months.

    If that’s not bad enough, the vaccine they are working on is a brand new technology, and new technologies generally involve new risks.

    2) Big Pharma/Vaccine Companies Producing Coronavirus Vaccines Have Terrible Records Of Corruption

    Source: The Guardian

    As I document in great detail in my 5 hour presentation, the Big Pharma/Vaccine companies tasked with producing the coronavirus vaccine have terrible histories of consistent corruption and an untenable lack of ethics.

    GlaxoSmithKline, the world’s most profitable vaccine manufacturer, for example, has a well documented history of bribing doctors and health care officials. They’ve also experimented on vulnerable populations within the United States and Argentina and knowingly marketed dangerous products they knew to be dangerous. In Argentina, twelve of the children died during their vaccine experimentations. The parents claim that they never gave their consent.

    GSK are currently partnering with Sanofi to produce a coronavirus vaccine, who likewise has a long history of bribery and corruption, and has more recently been charged with manslaughter because their drug Depakine was reportedly responsible for the deaths of four babies. They are also being prosecuted for misleading and false information about the drug.

    Source: The Telegraph

    Pfizer, who has already had their coronavirus vaccine approved in the United Kingdom, Canada, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and in the United States too.

    Like the aforementioned offenders, Pfizer also has a long history of bribery and corruption, and has likewise been caught experimenting on vulnerable segments of the population, both within the United States and Nigeria. In fact, during their experimentation in Nigeria, 11 children died, which the victims’ families say they never gave their actual consent for in the first place. Of course, Pfizer claims they did receive proper consent, but according to diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks, the Big Pharma/Vaccine giant tried to blackmail the Nigerian government to prevent an investigation. This was also corroborated by an ex-employee.

    Another company with an abysmal history of corruption, that has also been contracted to produce a coronavirus vaccine, is Johnson & Johnson.

    Source: Reuters

    Currently faced with several major lawsuits for fueling the opioid crisis in the United States, Johnson & Johnson also has a history of bribing doctors and government officials. Even more disturbing still, a Reuters investigation found that J&J knowingly sold a baby powder product that they knew had asbestos in it, which causes mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer.

    Along with Pfizer and another company tasked with producing a coronavirus vaccine named Astrazeneca, (see screenshot below) J&J is currently under investigation for helping fund terrorism in Iraq.

    Source: Evening Standard

    3) The Virus is Not Deadly For The Overwhelming Majority of The Population 

    Source: Worldometers

    According to Worldometers, a source trusted by governments around the world for statistics, 99.5% of active coronavirus cases worldwide are in “mild condition”.

    When we take that into consideration, along with the fact that real world studies show that anywhere between 25%-80% of infected people with COVID-19 don’t even know they have the virus — because they don’t even feel sick — the risk we collectively face from this disease is much further attenuated. In fact, to put this into perspective, the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity claims that children under the age of 15 are 6.83 to 20.07 times more likely to die of the flu or pneumonia than from this coronavirus, and according to peer reviewed research from Professor John Ioannidis on multiple countries during this pandemic, the risk of dying from COVID-19 for people under 65 is comparable to the likelihood of dying in a car accident whilst driving what would be considered a realistic distance of travel.

    It should also be said that getting vaccinated, historically speaking, does not guarantee immunity either, nor does it guarantee that we will not spread the disease to other people, an uncertainty that Pfizer’s chairman recently acknowledged in an interview.

    In short, the authorities want us to take a fast-tracked vaccine, for a virus that is clearly not dangerous for the overwhelming majority of us, and this vaccine doesn’t even guarantee that we won’t pass it on to others?

    Please take a moment to logically think about that.

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