What are Top Five Spots to Visit in Egypt?

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Who has not dreamed about exploring the world without breaking the bank? As curious human beings, we are naturally drawn to destinations from around the globe that have unique cultural experiences to offer. With a fascinating history, Egypt is one of the most ancient travel destinations on earth. The awe-inspiring pyramids and temples have a captivating impact on the travelers’ imagination.

Thousands of tourists come to Egypt to explore its natural attractions and ancient monuments. If Egypt is your next destination, the following places are a must-visit for you:

1.      Hurghada

What once used to be a simple fishing village, Hurghada, now comprises plenty of sunny beaches as it is located next to the Red Sea. This beautiful resort town is a sight for sore eyes. It has been thoroughly cultivated and is almost unrecognizable from what it once used to be. With more than 100 hotels, Hurghada is one of the most visited Egyptian destinations. It is also one of the finest diving spots of Egypt.

2.      Dahshur

What is more exciting than exploring the Egyptian pyramids? The Red Pyramid at Dahshur is the first authentic pyramid built for a pharaoh. More interestingly, it is fully accessible to tourists, which means that they have the opportunity to see an actual burial chamber. There is something sinister yet thrilling about walking through the cold, narrow passageways inside the Red Pyramid at Dahshur.

3.      Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is one of the top destinations for explorers. They visit this spot to enjoy the freshwater springs. The long stretches of palm groves against the sandy landscape of mud-built fortresses exhibit the beauty of Egypt’s Greco-Roman past. Siwa Oasis is the place where magic blends with mysticism. The diverse Egyptian landscape will allow you to travel back in time when alchemy was born.

4.      Aswan

Also known as the ‘Nubian City’ Aswan has always held great importance as the central point of interest for ancient geographers. The tombs of the city represent various kingdoms ranging from middle to old. Tourists eagerly visit these kingdoms to get a better insight into the ancient civilization of Egypt. Compared to other cities, Aswan is known for its hottest and driest climate. Those who want to have a real-life experience of Egypt’s indigenous culture and lifestyle, there is nothing more enjoyable than to visit the Nubian village. The smiling people and their colorful houses will add to the lovely experience of majestic Egypt.

5.      Mount Sinai

Situated in the center of the Sinai Peninsula, Mount Sinai is universally known as the place where the Prophet Moses received God’s Ten Commandments. Even after thousands of years, Mount Sinai remains a popular pilgrimage site until today. One of the largest monasteries of the world, the Monastery of Saint Catherina, can also be found here.

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